Executive Coach

Mike Akintayo Coaches top-level Executives & A-list Entrepreneurs to maximize their potentials and enhance results in life and Business.

Marketing & Sales Consultant

He work with organizations to identify opportunities & help them grow exponentially leading to increase revenue & Profits.

Trainer & Speaker

He loves to teach and regularly delivers keynote speeches and train groups & organizations.

  • (234)708-633-9059

7 “Surefire” Blueprint of Turning “Strangers” To “Customers” That Pay You.

About Mike Akintayo

Mike Akintayo is a Management Consultant, Author, Behavioral Therapist & Trainer who specializes in Marketing & Sales Trainings & Human Capital Development.

He helps individuals & organizations increase their profitability, maximize their potentials & create massive and obvious results.

He is the Lead Consultant of Mikeway Consulting: a consulting firm that helps individuals and organizations move from where they are to where they could be.

He also runs private Executive Coaching Programmes for top-level Executives & A-list Entrepreneurs. He is the author of the book ‘ How To Create Massive Result in Minimum Time”.

He started his journey as an Associate Consultant at LIMBSimple Company. A management Consulting company that works with Entrepreneurs and Organizations and offers strategies to scale their business for maximum growth…

Our Services

We work with organizations to develop boutique training and workshop for optimal performance. Our end goal is to get our clients visible massive results. Our training is across diverse Subject matter such as Sales & Marketing, Improving Operational efficiencies, Emotional Intelligence, Soft Skills training among others…

  • Corporate Training
    Our Process is simple for us to train your company. First, we ask about the need of your company, understand where you are and what you want to achieve or where you want to be.
  • Consulting
    Some organization goals and processes need the fresh eyes of a Professional. That’s why Companies like yours invite us to solve complex issues in their organization.
  • Management Retreats
    Our Management Retreat is a highly customized Retreatsprogram for management of organizations to review and improve performance…
  • Marketing & Sales Bootcamp
    This is our 10 Hours monthly Bootcamp that shows Entrepreneurs & Organization How To Consistently" Hit & Exceed Your Sales Target,
  • Executive Coaching Programme
    As you know, doing things all yourself could be tasking However, we can work together with you to get it done. Achieving BIG GOALS & ASPIRATIONS isn’t for a feeble mind,

Facts Tell, Stories Sell.

You must be able to appeal and connect to the emotions of your audience. Get them into a trance that makes them feel like you really know what they need and you can offer it… The best way to do this is STORYSELLING.


Live everyday of your life intentionally.

Those you’re trying to please will one day move on with their life. Feel free to evolve when you need to. Soon, they’ll come to the reality that you’ve become TRUE to yourself, and their opinions matter less.