3 Call To Action Strategies That will Skyrocket your Content Marketing game– Get More Customers, Make More Sales and Gather More Profit.

3 Call To Action Strategies That will Skyrocket your Content Marketing game– Get More Customers, Make More Sales and Gather More Profit.

What you’re about to read will EXPOSE you to how to get more result with your content game.

Not just that.

I will show you proven and tested ways to make your “call to action” strategy works.

You’ve heard that Content is king but the truth is when you don’t get your content game right, your BUSINESS will suffer ONLINE.

You see,  a lot of business owners put out great and quality contents that inspire and educate their customers.




The reason isn’t far fetched

Their call to action strategies is WEAK.  It is FLUFFS.  It is  INEFFECTIVE .

Imagine a Soldier who is in the war front but not pulling the TRIGGER of his gun.

Of course, you know that he will be killed by his enemies.

You see, not having effective Call To Action is like not pressing the Trigger of your gun.

Your Call To Action Strategies will determine if your customers will pay for your products or postpone it till forever(which may never come)

And interestingly, a competitors who have a more effective Call to Action strategies will hijack them from you and you might never see the customer  again.

Stay with me.

If you’ll make sales and make PROFITS in your business, you must be able to have effective call to action.

Effective Call to action strategies will convert your Audience to a Buyer and a “once in a while” Buyer to a LOYAL CUSTOMER.

Think about this.

How will you feel if your Business have loyal customers?

How will you feel if you make more sales and your customers becomes your brand ambassadors promoting your business?

How will you feel if every contents you put out there convert and your audience take action?

Feel Great right?

Of course, you’ll.

That is why I will show you how to put together an effective Call To Action. And learning it will go a long way in improving your Results and conversion of your contents.


So how do you put together effective Call to Action for your contents.

1.Tell Them what to do: Your customers don’t know what they should do until you tell them what to do. They need instructions.  Start seeing your customers as people waiting to be instructed.

Stop assuming they already know what to do.  Be specific on what you want from your customers. They won’t move until you tell them to move.

Customers are like soldiers who obey orders and in the absence of none, they do nothing .

Do you want them to pay for your product or services?

Do you want them to sign up to your email list?

Share your post?

Fill a survey form?

Nothing ruins your content marketing efforts like leaving your audience to decide when they don’t even know what to do.

For every content you put out there,  follow it up with a call to action.  By following it up with a call to action, you’ll be able to measure your success, identify what to do differently, identify what you should do more or less of.

2. Tell Them How To Do It: Telling them what to do and not telling them how to do might still end up as exercise in futility.

Knowing what to do isn’t enough,they must know how to do it to be able to do it. Most people stop at just telling their audience what to do and assume they already know how to do it.

You have to miss no word in telling them How they should about  what you want them to do.

What should they click to get the products?  How can they access your stores?   how much should they pay? Should they pay through mobile Transfer or online platforms?

3.Tell them when to do it: Time frame is vital. The greatest disadvantage is not timing your offer.  Your customers can easily postpone decision if there is no time frame.

Urgency makes people to take decisions very fast. Imagine I told you a particular offer ends in 24 hours time. Won’t you be eager to take action as fast as possible? Of course you will.

That is why you need to attach time frame in your content marketing. E. g This offer expire in the next 2 hours,  order now, To get this FREE Video, Check out your mail in the next four hours.

Can you see timing In action?


Here is a practical example of Call To Action Strategy :

If you’re interested in this life changing opportunities of getting my course bundle worth #169,450 for just #12,499 in the next twenty four hours.

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Zenith Bank.

After which you send your email address to akintayomikky@gmail.com. Your course will be delivered to your inbox once payment is confirmed.


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The point is that you need to get your Call To action strategies right.

I’m sure you’ve learnt from this post .  Do you have any question? click comment,  go to the comment section and ask

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