5 Fail Proof Types of Headline That will Skyrocket Your Content marketing Game. It has been working since 1830.

5 Fail Proof Types of Headline That will Skyrocket Your Content marketing Game. It has been working since 1830.

Stay with me.

What you’re about to read is tested and proven.

It has work over and again and it will continue to work.It’s magical.

You see,  Headline matters.

It determines the open rates of an email.

It determines the engagement of your social media posts.

It determines if people will even get attracted to your post.

In fact David Ogilvy said “Five times more people will read your headlines than will read your whole ad”

But wait.

Let me tell you a short narrative. It’s about a man who test two same ads but different headline.

But one convert 10X better than the other.


Just because of a change in Headlines.

What does that communicate to you?

It shows you that if you can get your headlines right,  it is possible for you also to 10X your business profits.

Now,  the problem isn’t that People don’t know headlines matters, the problem is that They don’t know “How To write headline that Hit anytime any day”.

But I need to know,

Will you like to know how you can win with your headline?

Will you like to know ” Fail proof” types of headlines that convert every time?

Will you like to know headlines that convert like CRAZY?

if you answer Yes to any of the following question,  then,  this post is for you.

And be rest assured that it worth your time.

By the time  you read this to the end, you’ll have  a master manual in your hand that will help you be a Badass Headline Creator.


Here you have it :

  1. Question Headline: Question works. Isn’t it? (I just ask a question). You see,  If you can ask the right question, your audience will be interested in your contents.


Don’t ask question just for asking sake, your question should be relevant to your audience.

Imagine headline that read “Will you love to make more money while you sleep?

Will you like me to show you  How To Win Tony Elumelu Foundation free $5000 grants?

You see, there is high  probability that a lot of your audience will be eager to read the content.


  1. How To headlines: I love this a lot. Why? It works. People want to know how to do something so by telling them you can show them,  they’ll be interested.

Imagine “How To Start your Poultry farm and make twice your capital  even if you’re a novice. Or

How To Get That Lady You Love And Make Her say  YES to your Proposal. Won’t you love to read?  Of course,  you’ll.

     3.Testimonial Headline. “People never believed in me, mocked me Until I make my First Million selling PONMON” .

Were you not attracted to that headline?  Of course,  you are.  Why?  Because it is a testimonial of what the person had done.

When your headline contains the testimonial of the results or the solution to your prospect problem, they’ll read your contents.

Do you have testimonials for your product or services?  You can twist it to your headlines.

Another example is this  for someone selling Cream that cured baldness “My hair drastically grow after having a bald Hair for 10 years” . Won’t you read to found out how he did it.

However,  never use a testimonial that hasn’t been tested.  People may buy from you once, but you’ll lose them FOREVER.


  1. Benefits Headlines : This is an headline that shows benefit. You see, you have to know that people buy based on benefit. “What will this product do for me?” Is one of the most potent question people ask.


People will never buy a product that doesn’t benefits them. So,  if you can show them how your content will benefit them, they’ll be interested in reading it.


Imagine “10 ways to become a Powerful Speaker that waow the audience” , 15 Tested Principles that will make you Overcome Procrastination and ACT Quickly” .


Won’t you love to read them? Of course, you’ll.  Because it shows benefits.  Identify what benefits people stand to gain when reading your contents and you’ll win them.


Do you discover that I used a benefit headline to make you read this post?


  1. News Headlines: See we (Including you) all love breaking news. That is why Newspaper sell like CRAZY.  If you can make your headlines newsworthy, people will get COMPELLED to read your contents.


Imagine you saw this “A Nigerian church  donated 10million Naira to IDP” ,

“Mind blowing principles of how Dangote became the richest man in Africa ” ,  Anchorspiration Consulting trained 10,000 staffs of CBN.

There is high probability you’ll read those contents. Why? They’re newsworthy.

There you have it..

Weapons for creating MAGNETIC and COMPELLING headlines.

Nothing should stop you from creating best Headlines to attract people to your contents.

Why not share this post for others to benefit too?

©Mike Akintayo

I am a “KILLER” Copywriter. I write persuasive sales letter that makes customers beg you to give you their money.



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