8 Tested Ways To Make People Pause all What They are doing Just To Read Your Content Online. 

8 Tested Ways To Make People Pause all What They are doing Just To Read Your Content Online. 

I want to share something very important with you but I hope you will get the lesson. By using what I am about to share with you, the engagement on your online posts will skyrocket in the shortest time possible. Whether you’re writing to make sales or writing to inspire and educate your audience, you’ll find this very helpful.


What you’re about to read is TESTED and it WORKS every time.  It’s a “NEVER FAILING system” that has been PRACTICED by several people (including me) and the RESULTS are POSITIVE.

In a moment, you will learn how to make people start reading your post anywhere whether on your profile, Facebook group, business page, blog post, etc.

But then,  I want to tell you this.  It might shock you but it’s the truth.

Do you care to hear?  Yes, you do.  I will tell you. PEOPLE DON’T READ ONLINE.  Yes, you read that right.  I know it sounds strange.  At least you’re reading this right now online

So you might want to argue. You see, nobody comes online with the intention of reading.  Now, that is the first thing you need to know. If people don’t come online to read, what then do they come online to do?

Well, people come online to SCAN.  Yes, people come online to SCAN through different content (Audios, Text, videos, etc) NOT to READ.

If you will win the content game, your content must be very easy to SCAN through. The truth is that several people’s content is boring and HARD to scan through.  And once you fail this test, people will rarely pay attention to your content. Even if it contains a solution to HIV & AIDS and other deadly viruses.

And once you can’t get people’s attention, your content might not yield the result you want it to yield.  You have to know that, people get exposed to thousands of Information daily; your content must stand out for them to be able to pay full attention to it.

If your content can be easily scanned through by your readers.  Believe me, People will read and engage your content like never before.

So, How can You Make People Easily Scan Through Your Contents:

  1. Always Share Valuable Content:

Nothing can replace Valuable Content. If your content isn’t valuable, nobody cares. Content is KING. Therefore, ensure that your content is valuable every time you post online. One of the reasons people don’t post valuable content is that they post content they’re not knowledgeable about.

So, as a rule of thumb, make sure you post things you are knowledgeable about.  Copy and paste contents won’t make you stay long in the game. Google is your friend; carry out in-depth research when you need to. Spend quality time doing proper research.



You can build on what you researched to create content that will grow your business massively. Just make sure you always dish out valuable content anytime you share contents online. The more you dish out valuable content, the more you earn people’s trust to read what you’ve to say. When you’re perceived as someone who always dishes out valuable content, people will start asking you when next you’re posting because they’ve missed your content.

I remember, when I become inactive online, I started receiving calls from my readers that they’ve missed my content. It gladdens my heart because if my content was valuable to them, they won’t have called me.


This set of people will surely leave everything they’re doing when I post online because I always share valuable content. No alternative to this. Build yourself up and you’ll be grateful you did.


2. Write short sentences:

Short sentences are very easy to read. Don’t write long sentences, it bores people to read.  Make sure your sentences are as short as possible. You have to structure your sentences so that your reader’s attention span won’t elapse.


And you won’t want that to happen because once that happens people will stop reading your content and focus on other things valuable to them. Short sentences are attention grabbers. They make scanning easy and when your target audience finds it easy to scan through your content, anything can happen afterward (including turning your readers from scanners to leads and then to paying customers).

So, never underestimate the power of short sentences.


3. Give Enough Space:

Imagine how easy it is for you to read this post. Well, one of the reasons is because of enough spaces in between my sentences. After writing about 3-4 sentences, I ensure I put space.  This is called “Breathing Space”.

Breathing space will not make your post to be too crowded to be scanned through by your reader and help them relax.  There are different ways to do that depending on the platform.  You can use the full stop (.) Like I do often with my post on Facebook, this post, equal to (=), etc.  Just ensure you leave breathing space between your post.


4. Avoid Big Words and Vocabularies:

Please who grammar help? Your choice of words matters. People don’t have to start using a dictionary just because they want to understand what you’ve written. Many people use big words their readers don’t even understand.  Stop it, writing on social media is not academic writing.

Use simple English that people can easily relate to.  That is not to say you should not develop your grammar. But,  ensure people reading your post understand and can easily relate to your choice of words.


5. Write Conversationally:

Write as if you’re speaking to someone right in front of you. People are interested in conversation and if you can write like that, People will be more interested to read what you’ve written.


Don’t try to address several people in your writing.  No,  you’re not addressing the crowd but one person. Let people reading your post believe that you’re talking to them alone.  Make use of “You” in your writing.  Conversation writing converts and compel people to read your post.

6. Use Bulleted point when you have a lot to discuss:

Don’t try addressing everything in one paragraph. You see,  I have to number my point so that it will be easy for you to read (You’re presently reading number 6).

So try to bullet your point if you have a lot of things to discuss.  This makes it easy for your reader to scan through your content.

Need I say more?  OK,  I will.


7. Add humor to your writing: 

Humor sell. This is social media, don’t try to be too formal (except you’re on LinkedIn) so be social. Don’t be too serious. Add some spice that can make your reader laugh or at least make them smile. Look at point 3, I started the sentence with humor, I’m sure at least someone will smile seeing “Please, who grammar help”. Humor like “I will report you to your village people If you didn’t make use of this post”,  etc.


8. Avoid Short forms:

For God’s sake, this is Web 2.0, avoid using short forms in your writing. It shows unprofessionalism. Stop writing “Waitn” instead “Waiting”, ‘4get” instead of  “Forget”.  Write correctly, it doesn’t cost you any dime to do so.  Use correct grammar in all your words.

Do you get that?


Now, it’s not enough to read through all this and not implement it in your social media post.  Therefore, start taking action. By taking action, people will pause and read your contents online irrespective of what they are doing.  Remember People come online to scan through content and not to read.

What other tips do you think you can implement that can make people pause just to read your article?

Michael Akintayo


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