8 Ways to Get Valuable Business Knowledge Even Without Attending Any Prestigious Business School (Including Harvard Business School)

8 Ways to Get Valuable Business Knowledge Even Without Attending Any Prestigious Business School (Including Harvard Business School)

8 Ways thiGet Valuable Business Knowledge

If you read this to the end, you’ll learn 8 ways you can get valuable business knowledge even without attending any Prestigious Business School (Including Harvard Business School).

Or won’t you like to know?

Of course, you’ll. Now, this article isn’t in any way discrediting Harvard Business School or other business schools.

Neither is it saying you shouldn’t get an MBA if you need to.

The purpose of this article is to show you that there are other ways of getting equipped with business knowledge outside the four walls of the university.

Also, not everyone has the time and energy to go back to school to learn about Business e.g  how to create  a well-structured Business, Building business processes, hiring employees, etc

However, not going to Business School isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t have certain business knowledge that will skyrocket your business growth. There are a lot of ways you can get access to quality business knowledge aside from the four walls of the classroom. I’ll be sharing some of them in this article.

Interestingly, some of these ways are easy and not complex at all that even an illiterate guy can implement.

So whether you’re a busy Entrepreneur or you’ve all the time to yourself, these methods will work pretty well for you.

As you know “Knowledge is power” or isn’t it? Of course, it is. What that means is that the Knowledge you’ve will go a long way to determine the result you’ll accomplish in life and business.  Which means the result you’re getting (or not getting) in your business is as a result of what you know (or what you don’t know). Your knowledge is like an anchor that controls your business. It shapes everything about your business.

Therefore, getting valuable knowledge is non- negotiable. It’s a necessity, not an option. Your ignorance can cost you a lot both on the short term or long term. Your ignorance can make your competitor dominate your industry, make you drastically lose customers, reduce profit or even run out of business.   The importance of knowledge acquisition in business is so enormous.

Also, we now live in a technology-driven and fast-changing world. Knowledge is becoming obsolete so fast that what you know one year ago isn’t so much applicable to today’s business problem. Of course, some knowledge is evergreen and still applicable and will forever be applicable.

Here’s the fact, even if you have an MBA or you’ve once attended a course in a Business school, not everything you learn when you attended Business school is still very relevant.  Some are as good as useless.  That is why effective Business schools change their course curriculum often.

And you can’t always enroll every time to business school just because you want to improve your business knowledge. Well, except you have the money and time.  Therefore, it’s important as a business owner, you constantly upskill and equip yourself with the right business knowledge.

If you’ll stand the test of time and dominate in your business, then knowledge acquisition is a necessity because only continuous learning will guarantee your future in business.  Unfortunately, few people know how to access this information.

What I’m about to share with you is what will help you become a better learner and acquire relevant business knowledge. You’ll learn to how you can Get Valuable Business Knowledge Even without Attending Any Prestigious Business School (Including Harvard Business School)

Let’s get started. Shall we? Of course, we can.

 1. Have a growth mentality:

Your mentality determines your reality. Without having a growth mentality, you’ll be convenient with your status quo that you won’t care about improving yourself. Do you know why having a growth mentality is important? Well, it’s because Business growth is equivalent to personal growth.

If you are not growing personally then your business is at stake.  Your business isn’t run by robots, but by people. People run businesses. So, you have to be passionate about becoming a better individual because your growth as an individual will surely reflect on your business.

Everything rise and falls on your mentality. As within, so without.  Your mentality affects your reality (including business reality). However, if you don’t have a growth mentality, you won’t see a need to get valuable business knowledge that will improve your business growth. You must be willing to grow your knowledge base because your knowledge base will determine your result in your business. This is the basis for any result you’ll command. How willing are you to grow your knowledge base?

2. Have personal development Goals & budget:

It is not enough to have a growth mentality; you must show your commitment by ensuring you have personal development goals and budget to achieve those goals. Personal Development Goals are certain things you planned achieving related to your personal development. They include books you planned reading, courses you planned taking, events you planned attending, etc.

You have to know that not everything can be googled; some business knowledge can only be gotten by spending money on the courses, books, etc.  I recently have access to an Oxford Business Group report and I’m surprised by how valuable the insight in the report is.  The report takes a look at several business sectors in Nigeria.  As a business owner, you have to have a budget for this type of report because reports like this will help you make valuable decisions and avoid certain mistakes.

A personal development budget is a budget set aside to develop yourself. This personal development budget will account for the money you planned spending on buying business books, taking courses, attending business-related seminars and workshops like Limbsimple strategy Factory organized by Ezekiel Solesi, attending networking events, etc. This budget will make you more intentional about investing in yourself.



As you know, the best form of investment is self-investment which means that a personal development budget should be worthwhile. Think of any amount you are setting aside on your budget as an investment that has a high return on investment not as expenditure. I’ll advise that the budget is monthly or quarterly so that you’ll have enough funds available whenever you want to buy a book, take a course, attend an event, etc.   Cultivating this habit will go a long way to increase how much you know about running a profitable business.

Interestingly, aside from the knowledge, you get when you attend training, you also have the opportunity to network and develop a relationship with other business owners who might eventually do business with you.  Transactions over 100 million nairas have occurred among ALUMNI of LIMBsimple Strategy Factory.  This is the type of event you should invest in as a business owner.

3. Follow Business influencers:

This is often underrated by a lot of people but it works. We are in the era of content marketing. A lot of influencers post valuable content on their social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc and other channels. Your job as a business owner is to search out the contents they post on those channels.

Identify influencers in the business niche that suits your business interest. Follow their content on their social media, read their blog contents etc. I’ve gained valuable insight on sales and marketing from content posted by top influencers like Dan Lok, Anthony Robbins, Ronald Nzimora, Akin Alabi  etc.  As a marketing Consultant and Copywriter, Dan Lok’s webinars have made me a better salesperson.

Most Influencers often post genuine and valuable content that can help grow your business or improve your business knowledge.  Subscribe to their newsletters, read their blog post, check their social media profile, etc. You’ll be surprised of how much you’ll learn and acquire valuable business knowledge from influencers.

4. Make YouTube your best friend:

Youtube is a great learning tool for acquiring valuable business knowledge for those that know how to utilize it. There are tones of educative and informative video content on YouTube that can help you grow your business. If you maximize YouTube effectively, you’ll learn quite a lot of things. Just input whatever you want to learn in the search box and you are good to go.

While using YouTube, make sure you check out multiple channels that have what you want to learn about. This will help you get a different perspectives on what you want to learn.

Also, sometimes not all times, the number of viewerships in a particular channel showcase how valuable and trusted a particular channel is.  Therefore, set aside time to learn on youtube and you’ll be surprised that you’ve been sitting on a goldmine.

5. Maximize Driving time:

If you live in a busy city like Lagos, you’ll agree with me that a lot of times in driving or transiting from one place to another. Unfortunately, most times we get locked up in traffic and waste away valuable time.

This driving/ traffic time can be converted to productive and personal development time. How can you achieve that? Well, it’s simple. It’s by utilizing Audiobooks.

You can get tones of audiobooks on your mobile device and play the audiobooks on your way to work and on your way back from work daily.

If you have a car, instead of just driving, chose to kill two birds with a stone by listening to audiobooks.  If you don’t have a car, rather than just staying in the car, get your hands free ready and utilize the opportunity to listen to audiobooks.   Audiobooks help you read voluminous books easily and also maximize driving time. Most successful Entrepreneurs maximize this a lot, you need to join the league of Entrepreneurs that maximizes audiobooks.

6. Take an Online course:

There are sites online you can get valuable business knowledge.  Sites like Udemy.com, ALISON, Coursera,edX, Udacity, Lynda, General Assembly, Skillshare. etc are very good sites that have bit-sized courses you can take that will improve your knowledge base.

7. Observation/ Modeling of successful Entrepreneurs:

Sometimes back, I was having a conversation with someone I hold in high regard when he told me “Mike, some things are not taught, some things are caught”. Those words were defining moments. Don’t be deceived into thinking you can only learn by someone teaching you. There is a lot to learn via observation. So, look at the leading Entrepreneurs and learn from the strategies, the cultures, approaches, etc that are making them win big in the marketplace. Trust me, if you get the strategies right, you’ll be able to replicate such great feat in your business too. so you need valuable business knowledge? Stop waiting, start observing. Utilize observation and you’ll be happy with how much you’ll learn.

8. Business Mentorship:

Mentorship is very vital in knowledge acquisition. Mentors are shortcuts. Mentors prevent you from making costly mistakes. Look out for mentors and through them, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn. Mentorship will help you get valuable business knowledge from experts or people you desire their results.

Now, you’ve all you need to dominate. Not having the time and resources to go to a business school is no longer an excuse not to improve your knowledge.

So, over to you, What are the ways you think You can get valuable business Knowledge?

Michael Akintayo

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