About Mike

About Mike

Mike Akintayo is an Author, Personal Leadership Trainer, Content Marketing consultant, Educationist, Blogger and Copywriter.
He is the Executive Director of Anchorspiration Media, A digital media company that helps create success stories for client.
His personal mantra is inspiring lives. He does this through his teachings, Coaching, books, speaking engagements, social media contents etc.
He started out studying Agriculture Education in the University. While in the university, he fell in love with writing and speaking as he was actively involved in Students leadership.

He started his career as a content creator intern at Webfala Digital Limited in Kwara state where he works actively with the team to create educative and result driven Contents. This opened him up to numerous opportunities available in the digital world.

He has held and still holding numerous Leadership positions both in the church and in the secular world.

He is the author of a book “How To Create Massive Result in Minimum Time”.

He loves volunteering, Youth Development and Community Development. He is a recipient of awards and a Graduate of University of Ilorin, Kwara state.



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