Finding the Missing Cutlass; How God came Through For Me.

It’s 3:16 am as I typed this, sited on a chair in one of the rooms in my Dad’s clinic.

Oh, never mind “I’m not here because I’m sick (though I’m still recovering from malaria) and Dad couldn’t spare me from taking 3 injections with one to go.

Mike Akintayo working from one of the rooms in the Clinic.

And No, I didn’t cry. Taking Injection without crying is one of those things that make you a real deal in my family.

For years now, I stopped crying while taking an injection. At least, to prove that if my siblings could do it( especially Christiana), then I won’t be left out.

I had the urge to share this story earlier today but I couldn’t.

I posted highlights of it on my Whatsapp status, praying time won’t be a factor against the full story.

You see, I took up a remote role recently as a Media Buyer in a marketing company and I’ve been having numerous challenges.  I’ve spent my weekends working and yet nothing fruitful came out of it.

Guess it’s one of those things life throws at us… Hopefully, I’ll face the challenges soon with determination to win and start getting the result I want to help the marketing agency achieve.

Let’s Hit The Nail On its Head.

In 2019, the United Nations Environment awarded me the “World Environmental Day Hero certificate”. The reason isn’t farfetched. I had organized an event celebrating World Environmental Day which is usually marked 5th of June every year.


I did this in partnership with the Young Africa Leadership Initiative (YALI), Citizen’s Centre for Justice, Leadership and Peace, & Reliable Tutors which is owned by a friend Mr. Henry. I got to know Mr. Henry from a friend I met during Nysc (Pelumi Moses but preferred to be called J.P Moses).

L-R Barrister Emmanuel Kuza ( Nasarawa State
YALI Coordinator & Founder, Citizen’s Centre FOr Justice, Leadership & Peace & Mike Akintayo

Guess this is an important lesson here (though this isn’t why I’m sharing this with you).  PARTNERSHIP OR COLLABORATION.

 Most of us prioritize Competition above Collaboration whereas it should be Collaboration above Competition . By collaborating, you compliment eachother and achieve greater things together. 

I couldn’t have done so much if not for the partnership with the three organizations. Being associated with them increases the visibility of the event I organized. Why? YALI is associated with the United States Embassy in Nigeria.  The lesson is seeking impactful collaborations a real deal in achieving success in Life and Business.

Months earlier before the event, I had been unanimously selected as the President of my Community Development Service Group (Environmental Protection And Sanitation CDS Group).

Corp Members During Sensitization on Air Pollution in celebration of The World Environment Day 2019.

So,  one of my project as the President is to organize the World Environmental Day, With permission of my Local Government Inspector ( LGI ), I lead all Corps members of Doma  Local government, Nasarawa State( where I was serving at that time)  to campaign against Air Pollution. This was in alignment with the 2019 theme of world Environmental Day which was “Beating Air Pollution”. We planted trees in different locations, donated trees, created awareness against air pollution, enlightened the rural communities on causes, effects, and solutions of air pollution, etc…

Earlier that day, I had borrowed 2 cutlasses for the tree planting exercise which was one of the major activities. One was a new cutlass collected from a woman who lives in my compound while the other I don’t seem to recollect where I got it from.

To take a guess, it’ll be from my friend’s House (John) or from our landlord’s mother who lived in another compound but shared the same boundary with ours.

We made use of the cutlasses during tree planting. It was a stressful day; we walked a long distance, dancing and taking pictures to create awareness about air pollution. Well, it was fun and impactful. I got so engrossed with other activities that I completely forgot that I had cutlasses under my watch.

Planting of Trees Exercise. Can you sight the cutlass that later got missing?

Anyway, it was time to go home after planting trees, donating trees, enlightening people, and light refreshments sponsored by Citizens Centre for Justice, Leadership, and Peace founded by Emmanuel Kuza who’s a Barrister and also doubles as our YALI Nasarawa State Coordinator.

Right there, it dawned on me that “I had misplaced the new cutlass”. I searched everywhere but all to no avail. We asked everyone around but none gave a positive response.  I had to accept this hurtful reality that “The Borrowed cutlass was gone”.

Of course, if the cutlass was mine, there won’t have been any need to worry. However, it was borrowed. Aside from the fact that it was new, I had a jewel to protect, which was my name.

It was such a bad way to end a fulfilled day. I went back to my lodge (provided by my place of primary assignment).  A blue-painted small room with a small window which you could easily mistake for a kitchen. I can’t still believe I stayed there for almost one year. (I’m laughing right now) .


My Friend John Came To Call 


Anyway, my friend John (who’s getting married in October) came calling around 5 pm. John is one of the most phenomenal people I met during Nysc.  He was older and I honestly think he’s wiser too.

He loves God and I think that makes a lot of difference. I hold him in high regard. We had earlier searched the market together before we head back home for the cutlass but it yielded no positive result.

He came because of the weekly Wednesday Prayer Meeting in his church.  It was Redeem Christian Church of God pastored by a Yoruba man who decided to stay back in Nasarawa State after serving.

I ‘m not a member of the church formally ( I attended Winners Chapel during my Nysc). However,  I was part of the prayer warriors of the church. Being part of the prayer warriors, we held our meeting once in a week (Wednesday specifically) to intercede for the church and also for ourselves.  Oh! Those memories will be forever cherished.

I followed Pastor John ( he’s not an ordained Pastor but that’s what I call him) to the church. The church is about 15 minutes walk to my house. I reluctantly prayed that I should find my missing cutlass when we were asked to request for what we want.

Oftentimes, the last prayer is usually a charge for us to pray for ourselves. However, as I prayed, deep within me “I knew I was praying that prayer for “praying sake” not because I believe God can answer the prayer. You know something’s you do reluctantly, just because you think you should.  Well, I already had plans to go to the market to buy another Cutlass.

One of those days with my friend John. One of the best gifts NYSC gave to me.

I narrated my ordeal to the pastor who insisted that I shouldn’t buy a new Cutlass, he promised to get me a new one from his school. (I think he’s in charge of labour in his school).  The Pastor teaches in one of the best schools in the local government (the school is owned by the Federal Government}.

Since he would pass by the market to his house. I decided to follow him in his car so that I can highlight the market and get a replacement for the cutlass. At least, it would be easier and more honorable to explain a missing cutlass when you already have a new cutlass in hand.  For some reasons, the pastor couldn’t stop at the market (not intentional),  I had to follow him to his wife’s shop which was like a stone throw to the market.

I ended up at the wife’s shops and spent some minutes there joking and playing with the kids. It was time to leave and head over to the market. I forgot to mention this; the market venue was the same place I lost the cutlass.


Getting Back To The Market for The Missing Cutlass


So, rather than going straight to buy the cutlass, I decided to visit the exact site we planted the trees. I met three men seated on a motorcycle relaxing and gisting, I narrated my ordeal that I had earlier led the team to the market for tree planting exercise but unfortunately, someone picked up the cutlass and I came to check if it was found when we left.I was disappointed when they said they didn’t find any. I was about moving on when a man walked by. They called the name of the man and asked him if he had found a cutlass earlier at the market square.

The man pointed to a nearby shop and said the owner of the shop picked it up. Looking towards the shop, I saw that the owner was about closing up the shop.

He was asked about the cutlass, Lo and behold He went into the shop and brought out the Cutlass. I couldn’t be more excited. GOD CAME THROUGH FOR ME.


Alot Of Questions On My Feeble Mind 


As I walked back to my lodge that day, a lot of thought ran through my mind. I kept asking myself.

Why do the Pastor mistakenly drove past the market rather than dropping me at the market? If he had dropped me at the right time, the man wouldn’t have passed by.

Why do the man pass at the exact time I was there?

Why hasn’t the man with the cutlass close his shop before then?

This can only be about being in the right place at the right time.  Only God could make that possible.

What if the 3 men weren’t there?

What if they didn’t ask the man passing by about the cutlass?

What if the man didn’t pass by?

What if the man has closed before the man passed by? A lot of “What If Question?’

God Came Through For Me 


The point is He came through for me. He made the right thing to happen at the right time just to ensure I found the missing cutlass.

You see, just like me who lost a cutlass, we all have moments in our lives when we lose something dear to us. And it could be people or things. It could be something that we treasure most.

And I know, those moments are tough and difficult. I know because I’ve been there.  It takes courage to keep up during this time.

But here’s it, God can come through for you. He can turn those hopeless situations into opportunities. He can transform your mourning and pain into unending victories.

Finding the missing cutlass looked impossible for me but God came through. He showed up in the middle of the storm. And guess what? It doesn’t matter how windy the storm is, what matters is how big our God is. If God can come through for me in small things like finding the missing cutlass, he can come through in big things too.


Nothing is too small or too big for God to handle. Yours might be to believe in God for your big break, God can come through for you.

Oh… I just remembered a song titled “reckless love” by Cory Asbury and a part of the lyrics goes thus:

“There’s no shadow You won’t light up
Mountain You won’t climb up
Coming after me
There’s no wall You won’t kick down
Lie You won’t tear down
Coming after me”

You can check up the song and download it. The message of the song is obvious “No mountain is too big for God to make valley for your sake”. No condition is too hopeless for God to turn around. No worries are too big for God to turn to testimonies…

What exactly is the storm you’re passing through?

What’s that gigantic mountain?  God can come through for you. If God can come through for the Israelites, I’m sure he won’t leave you behind.

I don’t know if it was the prayer I prayed during the prayer warriors meeting that got answered. But, if it was, I honestly didn’t pray the prayer with faith. Does that mean sometimes God doesn’t need our faith or our prayers to prove that he answers prayer? I honestly think so.

Another Scene Of God Coming Through For Me 


Now, as I write this I remember another scene of my life when God came through for me. I used to have this wild dream of becoming a footballer. I was very young. I should be around 12 or 13 years old around that time.

In one of the training days, it was a special and intense training. After the training, I could hardly and my house was far from the training ground.  And to make it worse, I had no money to transport myself home.

I was almost in tears as I walked out of the training venue. My friend who was like a big brother couldn’t help either. He had no dime on him to transport us home.

We eventually got to the entrance of the training ground and I prayed some silent prayers within. Guess what?  God showed up for me. I sighted one of our neighbors passing by with his motorcycle.

Of course, I shouted at the top of my voice, and fortunately, he heard me. That was my saving grace. He dropped me right in front of my house. He was saying “How would you have gotten home if you didn’t see me”. My answer was obvious “ I do not know”.

I honestly think God answers some prayers before we pray them. Why do I think so? Well, I guess God divinely made him pass through that route because of me. It was in the twinkle of an eye that I prayed and I saw him riding past me.

The truth is I’ve never seen him along that route before and after that day. I’m sure it wasn’t the same time I prayed that prayer God answered the prayer. God knew I’ll need help before then and God instructed him to pass that route because of me. Little wonder, the scripture says “He knows the end from the beginning”

One of those days in Doma Local Government, Nasarawa State with My friend John

So, irrespective of what you’re trusting God for… Keep believing while you work. Believe God can come through for you.

Believe God will glorify himself and come through for you. He won’t put you to shame. He won’t lead you astray.

It’s a long read but I hope it was worth spending your precious time on. I hope God has communicated something to you.  I hope your encounter with this blog post has blessed you and make you better.

It’s been a while I’ve written from the heart like this but I’m happy I’m doing this.

I would like you to drop a comment that you’ve read this post.

Do you’ve anything to share as regards this post, kindly drop your comment below?. Looking forward to hearing from you.







How To Make Best Use Of Your Time During Covid-19 Period As An Entrepreneur

I’m sharing this with you for a purpose. And here’s my promise… If you read this till the end, you’ll discover the most vital life lessons you should learn from what is happening around the world presently. If you put into practice what you’re about to read, be rest assured of multiple life-changing results.

Not just that…

I must also tell you that “This might be one of the best article you’ll read today (maybe this month or even this year). Maybe or maybe not. Dare me and let’s get started. Ok… You’ve dared me. Right? Of course, so let me prove myself.  But then… I want to tell you a story. Will you really like to read? Of course, you’ll.

Why am I even sharing this story with you? Is that not what you’re asking yourself right now? Well, I’m sharing this story because it conveys my thought explicitly. By the time you finish reading this story (and you pay rapt attention), you would have gotten 70% of what I’m about to share with you.

How To Make Best Use Of Your time During Covid=19 Period As An Entrepreneur

Well, you might have heard the story before… Maybe countless of time… Well, whether you’ve heard it 1000 times (I doubt that), it’ll still send you a very important message.

Ok, this story actually happened several years ago. You were not born. Neither am I nor my grandparents born when this story happened. We all read about this story.

What’s this story?

Here’s it… During the great plague in 1665, Isaac Newton was in his early 20’s and was a student of Trinity College, Cambridge. Because of the plague, the school told everyone to go home.

And guess what? It was during this period that the birth part of optics theory invented calculus etc. Newton returned to Cambridge in 1667, with theories in hand. Within six months, he was made a fellow and was made a professor two years later.

Why did I tell you this story?

You see, the fact we’re in tough times doesn’t mean you can’t maximize it or do something great during this period.  As a matter of fact, how best you maximize this period will determine how fast your life will move to the next level after the Corona Virus… Newton birth great invention during the great plague, you can do something remarkable during the great coronavirus period.

There’s a purpose you were born for a time like this. It isn’t a mistake for you to be around in 2020. Therefore, it’s important you maximize your time just like newton maximized his time uring great plague.  let’s get started.

How To Make Best Use Of Your time During This Period As An Entrepreneur:


1. Start Asking the right question:

Life is all about perspective. I love the quote that says “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”. So, instead of asking yourself questions about what you can’t change e.g “Why Corona Virus? Why is this happening to us?, Do we offend God ? etc. Start asking the right question by asking yourself “Why is this thing happening for me? “, What are the things I’m suppose to get done during this period?”.

How To Make Best Use Of Your time During Covid=19 Period As An Entrepreneur

The first sets of questions are from a Victim perspective, while the second questions are from the perspective of someone that wants to win. Why is this thing happening for me? Is it for you to bond well with your family? Is it for you to learn a particular or multiple skill? Is it for you to develop a particular product? Is it for you to get equipped with what you lack? Is it for you to grow spiritually?  Is it for you to move your business online?

So, there’s a purpose why Corona Virus is happening for you. Just sit down and think through it, after which take action.

2. Time to evaluate the year:

What you don’t evaluate, you can’t measure, what you don’t measure, you can’t scale. So far, you’ve spent about 3 months this year. Right? Of course, you have. So, How far with your goals? How many of them have you achieved? Or better put how many are you building system to achieve?

How To Make Best Use Of Your time During Covid=19 Period As An Entrepreneur


You see, evaluating yourself will help you right the wrong, improve your result, change your Strategy (If it’s not working, etc). That’s why you must evaluate yourself during this period. Think back and think through things. Have I done enough? Have I done less than I should have? What next can I do? Asking yourself these questions will help you achieve greater things during this period.

As an Entrepreneur, you can evaluate your business and see how far you’ve achieved this year and what you can do to improve some processes in your business.

3. Set Goals for this period & Get Accountability Partner:

To fully maximize this period, set some targets for yourself and get someone to be accountable to. Get someone that will ensure you do what you planned doing this period.

Accountability makes you more committed to whatever you set to achieve during this period. So, set a specific target for yourself. Do you want to complete writing your book? do more exercise, read a book,  bond well with your kids, etc. Just be specific about what you intend to do during this period and be bullish about doing it.

How To Make Best Use Of Your time During Covid=19 Period As An Entrepreneur

Set weekly goals for yourself. Break down your weekly goals into daily target. Doing so will make it easy for you to achieve those goals.

4. Improve your skills or knowledge:

Coronavirus has come and will go someday but the skills or knowledge you gain during this period will stay with you forever. Therefore, use your free time to learn something. Use this time for your personal development since you have more free time now. Net worth increase aligns with better value Offering.

And for you to increase the value you offer, you have to improve your skills or knowledge. You can make only make more money when you become better with your skills. Most times, I recommend people learn high-income skills rather than low-income skills. High-income skills are skills you can exchange in exchange for a lot of money and vice versa for low-income skills.

How To Make Best Use Of Your time During Covid=19 Period As An Entrepreneur

High-income skills such as Sales & Marketing, Copywriting, funnel building, etc are skills entrepreneurs should work towards getting.

5. Build Your Spiritual Life:

This sounds funny, right? Yeah, but it’s the truth. I’m of the firm belief that spirituality is important to live a balanced life. This time afford you an opportunity to build your spiritual life and get closer to God.  Maximize the time you have at your disposal to get more rooted in God.

There you have it… Do you have any more suggestions? Kindly comment below.

How To “Bullet Proof” Your Business From Being Destroyed By CORONA Virus.

You’re about to discover what will be a game-changer for you (& your business). Only if you read this to the end.  I’m about to show you how your business can perform better going forward rather than it getting destroyed. You see, after this coronavirus is over, a lot of business will be DEAD. Not immediately but gradually they’ll go to extinction. Just imagine, last month we were celebrating “VALENTINE” and this month we are shouting “QUARANTINE”.

What does that communicate to you? Things are changing and you’ve to change. Things are changing including how businesses are being run. “Uber” used to be a testimony but today, even Uber is being affected by the Pandemic Corona Virus…

Nobody wants to go out which means LOW SALES for them. Anyway, another man’s ruin is another man’s gain… Netflix is making money than ever before( Since a lot of people are now indoor). Zoom is raking in users. They now have excess demand than ever before. Hear what the CEO Eric Yuan said: “I had to shut down my phone because almost everyone is calling us,”.

Why did I tell you this? Well, it’s to show you that it’s time to do things differently. As an Entrepreneur,  It’s time to explore and evolve too. The most important question to ask yourself right now is “How can People do business with my brand better anywhere they are in the world?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Go Digital:

If you’ve not taken your digital footprint seriously, this is time to do so. This is time to put yourself (& business) out there online. ‘Covid 19’ has made it a must for you to leverage digital platforms for your business. People must be more aware than ever before about what you do. You need to reach more people who need and can be able to pay for your product. After this pandemic end, people will interact with brands more online, buy more online, make enquires online, etc. Which means you might sell more online rather than your offline store(s).  If you sell physical products or services, make it possible for people to order for your product or service online seamlessly, make it easy for people to make enquires about your business online. You can create messenger Chatbot or create an interactive chatbot on your business website etc


Start with “Google my business” page, go ahead and open it. It’s still free.  “Google My business” help people to find you and your business in your locality. Have an active social media page, if you don’t like social media, hire a social media manager.  My team of expert can help you do this effectively.  The cost of paying one outweighs not doing it at all.


Get an E-commerce website if you can where people can check out your product or services and pay for it online. . Digital is the way, invest in your digital assets.


2. Have Digital products:

I can’t emphasize it enough. We’re in the knowledge economy. Information will sell even more after ‘Covid 19’ is over. This is the best time for you to publish EBooks, create online courses, start a podcast, create software, start a virtual Coaching program, etc.  You’re a fashion designer, right? Create a digital product on fashion design, rather than waiting for people to meet you in your physical shop, start selling the course online.

The consumption of digital products will increase drastically. So, digitalize your product or service. Stop procrastinating. You can make a lot of money in your business from selling a digital product etc.

3. Start Running Ads:

Since digital consumption will increase, then you must reach more people and you can only do that when you PLACE ADVERTS on both digital and traditional channels. You can run Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, Youtube ads, Google Ads, etc depending on your target audience. This will help you get more leads that you can turn to customers…


Most times, people make mistakes of not spending on ads. Well, spending money on Ads is an investment, not an expenditure.  As a business, you have to have the cost of customer acquisition: This is the money you set aside to acquire a new customer.  Spending money on ads helps you to put your product or service right in front of more people who need your products. And the more you put your product or service in front of these people, the higher the chance of turning them from leads to paying customers and from one-time buyers to a lifetime buyer.  However, you must be able to be effective in running ads so that you won’t just pay and end up not achieving your desired result. You need help in running ads? Contact me. Let our team of experts do the hard work for you while you work on your business.

4. Get Better In Your Business:

Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House, when once asked the secret to selling a lot of books replied, “Write a good book.”You see, his word doesn’t apply to Books alone but every business (whether you’re selling a product or offering a service). One of what you should start thinking as an Entrepreneur during this tough time is “How best can I serve my customers? “.

Once you figure that out, do well to take action. You see, this Pandemic will lead to the rise of many brands and loss of the loyalty of some customers to some businesses. Some customers will have the opportunity to check out other options (and once they get one that satisfies their need (or want) better than you do), they might lose their loyalty to your business.

The best way to make customers continue buying from you (after this pandemic is over) is offer them GREAT STUFFS. (Not good or better stuff because everyone is offering that already).

So, don’t make assumptions. Think through your business process. There’s something that can be done and should be done to make people do business with you overtime…Nobody SHOULD be loyal to you when they’ve better options. It’s not evil, just normal Human psychology. You might need to ask questions from your employees (some of them are closer to your customers that you are).

Ask them about the feedbacks of your customers, call few of your customers and ask how you can serve them better. Take this period as MINI- RETREAT.

You might need to take a critical look at your Competitors on what you can do better.  But, Irrespective of how things turn out. This pandemic should birth creativity and innovations in your business if you won’t go to extinction.  Great Product affects the number of repeated purchases by a customer, therefore you don’t have an option than to be great at what you do if you won’t lose customers.

5. Build Your Personal Brand:

One of the best things you’ll do to your business is to build your personal brand. You can drive a lot of opportunities for your business when you build your personal brand. Building a strong personal Brand aid growth of your business. When people see you as an expert in your niche, they’ll be willing to do business with you.


People will find it easy to do business with you when they trust your personal brand. Your personal brand must be strong that people will be willing to do business with you. Build your personal brand by building your profile and consistently push out relevant and educative content out there. I’ll write extensively about How To Build your personal brand as an Entrepreneur in my subsequent post.

There you have it… With these simple steps, you can bulletproof your business from being destroyed by the pandemic coronavirus.

Now, two questions for you??

Do you have any Questions? Ask Below. Do you find it valuable, let me know.

P.S: If you find this valuable, don’t you think you should share it with your friends too?

How To Live A Better Life

Recently, after thorough self-examination, I discovered that gradually I’ve been letting go of some of the values and discipline that make me grow to who I am.

I remembered…

how disciplined I used to be with my morning ritual.

How tough I used to be about handwriting Salesletter.

How heavy I feel guilt when I do certain things.

How bullish I used to be with investing in myself.

Then, I realize the danger of our comfort zone. The danger of experiencing a small win. I realized that Comfort Zone could be a disadvantage.

It’s the reason why a poor man will become rich and neglect other poor men rather than helping them.

It’s the reason why politicians get to power and neglect the people that struggled to help them win an election.

It’s the reason why a firebrand, tongue talking Christian rise to the top and neglect God that helped him to the top.

It’s the reason why a person saved by grace rises to become General Overseer and starts acting odd both to God and to men.

It’s the reason why a janitor rises to the top of the corporate ladder and starts neglecting the Welfare of his subordinate. He forgot where he’s coming from.

Most of us often forget where we’re coming from and give ourselves away to subtle pride that will later destroy us.

Sometimes, what stops us from getting to the top is because we allow small win get to our head. Sometimes, it’s our last win that stops us from winning again.

Most of us often forget that it is easy to get to the top and hard to remain there.

You’ve to come to the realization that your past Success can hinder you from today’s success. It’s not enough to win once, what matters is to win again and again.

Well, here are my suggestions, hopefully, it’ll help you live a better life:

1. Always practice self-examination:

Constantly examine yourself. It’s easy to get lost but by constant self-examination, you can always figure out what you need to do. If I had not examined myself, a lot would have gone wrong with my life.

Unfortunately, I will keep deceiving myself that I’m fine whereas I’m getting rotten within. Stop being a stranger to yourself. Constantly evaluate your strength, weakness, habit, etc.

By so doing, you’ll be able to correct what is wrong before it becomes worse.

You’ll be able to get more things done effectively when you constantly examine yourself.

2. Always Strike harder:

Irrespective of the level of success you’ve tasted, always remind yourself that “There’s more”. “Deep calls unto Deep,” says the Bible.

So, you can never become everything you want to become. There’s always room for improvement and evolution.

So, Never get comfortable with what you have, always strive to get more.

3. Don’t let your success get to your head:

Pride has stopped a lot of people from becoming all that God created them to be.

Don’t let your success get to your head that you neglect certain practices that make you successful.

4. Discipline should be a lifestyle:

Discipline isn’t an option but a necessity.

If you’ll become great, then you should embrace discipline dearly. It should be a way of life. It should be a “MUST” for you.

No one gets to the top without DISCIPLINE and also no one remains at the top without it. Therefore, embrace discipline.

5. Don’t forget How you started:

Never forget your root. The place it all began.

Let your root always remind you how God has helped you. Most times, we’re not grateful because we forget who we used to be.

If you can count your blessings, if you can connect the dots backward, you’ll be amazed that God has really been faithful to you.

You might not be where you want to be but most importantly, you’re not where you used to be.

My parting word is that “the enemy of today’s success is yesterday’s success. So BE WATCHFUL”

Over to you…

Do you find this piece valuable? Let me know in the comment session.

P.S: Why not share with someone? Someone needs to hear this right now.

8 Tested Ways To Make People Pause all What They are doing Just To Read Your Content Online. 

I want to share something very important with you but I hope you will get the lesson. By using what I am about to share with you, the engagement on your online posts will skyrocket in the shortest time possible. Whether you’re writing to make sales or writing to inspire and educate your audience, you’ll find this very helpful.


What you’re about to read is TESTED and it WORKS every time.  It’s a “NEVER FAILING system” that has been PRACTICED by several people (including me) and the RESULTS are POSITIVE.

In a moment, you will learn how to make people start reading your post anywhere whether on your profile, Facebook group, business page, blog post, etc.

But then,  I want to tell you this.  It might shock you but it’s the truth.

Do you care to hear?  Yes, you do.  I will tell you. PEOPLE DON’T READ ONLINE.  Yes, you read that right.  I know it sounds strange.  At least you’re reading this right now online

So you might want to argue. You see, nobody comes online with the intention of reading.  Now, that is the first thing you need to know. If people don’t come online to read, what then do they come online to do?

Well, people come online to SCAN.  Yes, people come online to SCAN through different content (Audios, Text, videos, etc) NOT to READ.

If you will win the content game, your content must be very easy to SCAN through. The truth is that several people’s content is boring and HARD to scan through.  And once you fail this test, people will rarely pay attention to your content. Even if it contains a solution to HIV & AIDS and other deadly viruses.

And once you can’t get people’s attention, your content might not yield the result you want it to yield.  You have to know that, people get exposed to thousands of Information daily; your content must stand out for them to be able to pay full attention to it.

If your content can be easily scanned through by your readers.  Believe me, People will read and engage your content like never before.

So, How can You Make People Easily Scan Through Your Contents:

  1. Always Share Valuable Content:

Nothing can replace Valuable Content. If your content isn’t valuable, nobody cares. Content is KING. Therefore, ensure that your content is valuable every time you post online. One of the reasons people don’t post valuable content is that they post content they’re not knowledgeable about.

So, as a rule of thumb, make sure you post things you are knowledgeable about.  Copy and paste contents won’t make you stay long in the game. Google is your friend; carry out in-depth research when you need to. Spend quality time doing proper research.



You can build on what you researched to create content that will grow your business massively. Just make sure you always dish out valuable content anytime you share contents online. The more you dish out valuable content, the more you earn people’s trust to read what you’ve to say. When you’re perceived as someone who always dishes out valuable content, people will start asking you when next you’re posting because they’ve missed your content.

I remember, when I become inactive online, I started receiving calls from my readers that they’ve missed my content. It gladdens my heart because if my content was valuable to them, they won’t have called me.


This set of people will surely leave everything they’re doing when I post online because I always share valuable content. No alternative to this. Build yourself up and you’ll be grateful you did.


2. Write short sentences:

Short sentences are very easy to read. Don’t write long sentences, it bores people to read.  Make sure your sentences are as short as possible. You have to structure your sentences so that your reader’s attention span won’t elapse.


And you won’t want that to happen because once that happens people will stop reading your content and focus on other things valuable to them. Short sentences are attention grabbers. They make scanning easy and when your target audience finds it easy to scan through your content, anything can happen afterward (including turning your readers from scanners to leads and then to paying customers).

So, never underestimate the power of short sentences.


3. Give Enough Space:

Imagine how easy it is for you to read this post. Well, one of the reasons is because of enough spaces in between my sentences. After writing about 3-4 sentences, I ensure I put space.  This is called “Breathing Space”.

Breathing space will not make your post to be too crowded to be scanned through by your reader and help them relax.  There are different ways to do that depending on the platform.  You can use the full stop (.) Like I do often with my post on Facebook, this post, equal to (=), etc.  Just ensure you leave breathing space between your post.


4. Avoid Big Words and Vocabularies:

Please who grammar help? Your choice of words matters. People don’t have to start using a dictionary just because they want to understand what you’ve written. Many people use big words their readers don’t even understand.  Stop it, writing on social media is not academic writing.

Use simple English that people can easily relate to.  That is not to say you should not develop your grammar. But,  ensure people reading your post understand and can easily relate to your choice of words.


5. Write Conversationally:

Write as if you’re speaking to someone right in front of you. People are interested in conversation and if you can write like that, People will be more interested to read what you’ve written.


Don’t try to address several people in your writing.  No,  you’re not addressing the crowd but one person. Let people reading your post believe that you’re talking to them alone.  Make use of “You” in your writing.  Conversation writing converts and compel people to read your post.

6. Use Bulleted point when you have a lot to discuss:

Don’t try addressing everything in one paragraph. You see,  I have to number my point so that it will be easy for you to read (You’re presently reading number 6).

So try to bullet your point if you have a lot of things to discuss.  This makes it easy for your reader to scan through your content.

Need I say more?  OK,  I will.


7. Add humor to your writing: 

Humor sell. This is social media, don’t try to be too formal (except you’re on LinkedIn) so be social. Don’t be too serious. Add some spice that can make your reader laugh or at least make them smile. Look at point 3, I started the sentence with humor, I’m sure at least someone will smile seeing “Please, who grammar help”. Humor like “I will report you to your village people If you didn’t make use of this post”,  etc.


8. Avoid Short forms:

For God’s sake, this is Web 2.0, avoid using short forms in your writing. It shows unprofessionalism. Stop writing “Waitn” instead “Waiting”, ‘4get” instead of  “Forget”.  Write correctly, it doesn’t cost you any dime to do so.  Use correct grammar in all your words.

Do you get that?


Now, it’s not enough to read through all this and not implement it in your social media post.  Therefore, start taking action. By taking action, people will pause and read your contents online irrespective of what they are doing.  Remember People come online to scan through content and not to read.

What other tips do you think you can implement that can make people pause just to read your article?

How To Have Competitive Advantage In Your Business

competitive advantage strategies

Do you want to have a competitive advantage in your business and dominate your industry?  Do you want to stop crawling and start flying in your business? If your answer is Yes to any of this question, then this article is for you.


You see, if you are presently struggling or not making enough sales in your business, the problem might not be that you don’t have a good product or offer good service. Here’s the fact, very few Business owners struggle because of poor good or service.

Then why do Business crawl or miss out in business? Well, one of the reasons is the LACK OF COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. Competitive advantage is what differentiates you from others. It is what makes you not to compete but dominate in your industry. If you lack a Competitive advantage then your business is likely to constantly make little or no money.


Most small and medium businesses tend to compete whereas they lack competitive advantage. And it was Jack Welsh (former General Electric CEO) said: “Don’t compete when you don’t have a competitive advantage”.  As a principle, all Jack Welsh cared about was winning. If a company or division at General Electric was not first or second in its industry, it would be sold or closed.



The truth is that lack of competitive advantage has eaten up a lot of Businesses especially SMEs. You see, people will prefer to do business with who they perceive as the best in the industry and not everybody else. However, for you to be perceived among the best, you must have a competitive advantage over the rest. If you’ll have an advantage over your competitors, then you must have a competitive advantage.

Most Businesses try to do business just like everybody else and expect different results and profit.

Well, the result is FRUSTRATION.  This is because you must be different for you to get different results.

If you compete directly alongside the heavyweight of your industry, there’s a high probability that they will win you. They’ll eat you up like a shark eat a tilapia and you’ll have little or no customers.  Why?  Well, here are some of the reasons:

  1. They have more resources to utilize than you have.
  2. They have a large advertising budget than you have to target their target audience.
  3. They have more money to utilize for bespoke branding than you do.
  4. They have resources to enhance their brand visibility
  5. They have more resources to do give away, reward loyal customers, etc.

The resultant effect of this is that your targeted customers will know them, like them and trust them than you. And once they’ve successfully built their KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor, they’ll become irresistible to your targeted customers.

So how can you have a competitive advantage in your industry?


The number one way is to be a big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in an ocean.


What that means is that you have to NICHE DOWN. Well, your money isn’t in competing directly with them; your own money is in the niche. You’ll make more money when you niche down rather than competing directly with your competitors. Chose to position yourself as an expert in a particular niche rather than claiming you can solve everybody’s problem or can serve everybody just like the big fishes.


Have you ever come across the phrase “Riches are in the Niches”. Well, that saying is truer than true.  Chose to be a big fish dominating a particular pond rather than a small fish in an ocean. They’ll eat you raw and you’ll close down your business or continue to struggle. Because, if you fail to niche down. Most likely, you’ll be a second option and people will only patronize you if the big fishes run out of product.

Here’s it.

People tend to do businesses with who they perceive as an expert. Therefore, your job is to niche down from the general by clearly defining a niche for yourself and dominate in that niche.


competitive advantage strategies

When people perceive you as an expert, they’ll do business with you. 


Imagine someone you know is sick, (just an illustration) and surgical operation is needed. Who would you prefer to carry out the operation?   A Surgeon or a Medical Doctor with no specialization? Of course, you won’t think twice before picking a Surgeon. Why? The surgeon has a niche down and therefore will be trusted for surgical operation than the doctor who is a generalist.

Here’s another example, you want to sow a wedding dress and you had two options, a fashion designer who makes only a wedding dress or a fashion design who makes all types of dresses. Who will you prefer to make your wedding dress? Of course, the one who chose to specialize in making a wedding dress.

That’s the power of Specialization or niching down. That’s the only way money can come to you.

Do you want more?  I guess you did.

Here’s another example.

Who will you prefer to repair your laptop? An engineer who specializes in all types of gadget repairs or an engineer with specialization in laptop repairs? Of course, your answer is obvious because you’ll choose the one with specialization.

Specialization or niching down helps you to have a competitive advantage over your competitions.

Now, here’s where it gets more interesting…

There are two basic ways to niche down.

  1. Niche down based on who you are serving.
  2. Niche down based on the product or service you’re offering.

Let me explain better or shouldn’t I? Of course, you want me to. So here we go:

1. Niching Based On Who You Are Serving:

Instead of serving everybody, you can choose to serve a specific market. You can choose to make your business for those that can afford luxury alone e.g Apple product are such as iPhone, Ipad, etc not targeted at everybody but just for people who love luxury. Therefore, they are very expensive because the products are luxurious. Unlike other phone types such as Tecno, infinix, itel, etc which are less expensive based on who their target audience is. Here’s, another example, instead of unnecessary competition with other content writers, you can choose to focus on creating content for a specific market e.g Technology, politics, economy, religion, children, etc.

As a Behavioral Therapist, I chose to serve only Entrepreneurs, That’s an example of niching down based on who you are serving.

As a social media manager, you can choose to be a social media manager for a fashion niche, small business owners, etc. Rather than serving everybody, you can choose to make your business B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumers). Rather than selling food to everybody, you can choose to focus on selling to organizations, etc.

There are a lot of possibilities when you niche down in who you are serving. You are seen as an expert in that niche and people will start buying or patronizing you.



2.  Niching down based on Product or service:

You can also niche down based on what you offer e.g product or service. e.g. Instead of being just a Barber, sell convenience, chose to be a mobile Barber where you visit people to barb their hair. Instead of sewing every clothes, specialize in a type of clothe. KFC is about Chicken and chips. Is it that they can’t cook anything else? Of course, they can. But if they try to, they won’t dominate the market.

Instead of being just a business consultant, you can niche down to bring a social media consultant, marketing consultant, business development, etc. That’s the power of the niche.

When you’re well-grounded and dominating in a niche, you can then diversify into bigger niches. When you dominate a particular niche, people will always patronize you.

You have the opportunity to dominate better when you are in a niche market.

Irrespective of how overpopulated your industry is, there is always opportunity to niche. You’ll be surprised of how many people are eager and ready to do business with you when you operate in a niche market.

So find a niche and dominate. By so doing, you’ll have a competitive advantage over your competitors and make more money in the long run.

So, Over to you? Do you find value in this post? Kindly comment below and share your thought.

10 Things To Do While You’re Expecting Your Big Break

10 Things To Do While Expecting Your Big Break

As a practicing Behavioral Therapist, I’ve seen issues that their root cause is Idleness. Most people often neglect the atrocities associated with being idle.

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend and the conversation was centered on “Idleness”. She shared her story with me and one of what she said was that “It was because I don’t have a job that I took LinkedIn seriously, it was then I discovered I love writing and develop my writing skill”.  Guess what? She got her present job just because she is good at writing.

Why did I share this story? I see a lot of people who are unemployed and all they do is to blame others (Government, Poor business policy, lack of certain privileges, how doing business in Nigeria is hard, etc). I see a lot of people blame others except themselves.

They enroll themselves into “The BLAME PARTY” and months and years down the line, they have little or no result that shows that their life is improving. You see, the fact that you’ve no job is not a prerequisite for Idleness. Having no job is an opportunity for you do something about it and peradventure even create jobs for others


You have to know that “It’s not what happens to you that matters but the interpretation you give to it”. If you give a good interpretation to not having a job, it will open you up to doing great and massive things. Joblessness doesn’t mean mindlessness. You have to get something doing. Why? Because the more you become idle, the more you become less effective and productive.

While growing up, there’s a common saying that says “An Idle hand is the devil workshop”. I’ve seen that true over and again.

Here’s the fact, Idleness reduces your creativity and productivity, it reduces your thirst for greatness and once you don’t have the thirst of greatness, poverty, lack and limitation are inevitable. Idleness makes you always think negativity rather than positivity.

That is why you need to do all it takes to get engaged in something. What God blesses is the work of our hands (irrespective of how little) not our Idleness.


Just like my friend, who started writing consistently on LinkedIn just because of she has no job. You never can tell, the little thing you engage yourself with will go a long way to help you better and move you forward in life.


Interestingly, we live in exciting times where anything can take you from zero to become a worldwide HERO. We’ve seen people who started their mega empire just by posting on social media.

We’ve seen people who get sponsorship Deals just because they’re addressing a need in their immediate society.  There are just a lot of possibilities in the little things you do daily. Now, imagine those people didn’t do the little things they’re doing, how will they move from penny to plenty?  In this century fast-tracked by technology, just anything can make you talk of the town.


The purpose of this post is to enlighten you to possibilities and share important ideas with you.

Here are my suggestions On What to Do While Waiting for Your Big Break:

  1. Acquire Skills:

Having skills is the new goldmine. This is the best time to arm yourself with the necessary skills that will shape your career and future. There are tonnes of skills that you can learn. And interestingly most of them you can learn it for free or cheap. There are two major types of skills, we have soft skills and technical skills. Soft skills such as emotional intelligence, communication skills, Teamwork, Adaptability, Problem-solving, Critical observation, Conflict resolution, Leadership, etc. Technical skills are the skills that are needed to perform specific tasks.

Both are very important because ultimately they will determine how well you’ll harness opportunities that come your way going forward.  There are tones of online courses that you can take. It’s the skills you have that will determine how valuable you’ll be during the course of your career. Rather than spending time on social media posting pictures or browsing through your newsfeed, utilize the same data to equip yourself with skills.

Sites such as,,,, etc have courses and resources you can pick up and learn from them. You can also choose to learn offline. Just arm yourself with skills.

2. Volunteering:

I’ve seen people who got their big break just by volunteering. Personally, volunteering has made a lot of way for me. Discover what you’re passionate about and chose to volunteer for any organization, group, or individual working towards addressing those challenges.


The world we live in has a lot of problems and some change agents and Non-Government Organizations are working towards addressing those problems. Interestingly, you’ll also build yourself while you volunteer. Volunteering gives you opportunity to change the world while still learning.  Volunteering gives you opportunity to connect with change agents around you, it improves your social and communication skills, gives you opportunities to utilize the knowledge you read up in a book or learn etc. Rather than being idle, identify a cause and volunteer to be a part of it.


3. Build Your Personal Brand:

This one might sound strange but it shouldn’t be because a lot of opportunities are associated with maximizing social media. When you build your personal brand, post consistently on social media, people see you as an expert and might even pay you for your knowledge and coaching service.

Posting consistently on finance will make people perceive you as a finance Expert, posting consistently on feminism will make people see you as Feminism Advocate. Interestingly, when you get consistent with the message you’re putting out there, a lot of opportunities will start opening up.

Also, we now have companies and businesses looking for content writers, you can choose to start writing content for companies or businesses.

We’re in the era of content marketing, when you’re consistent with posting some content on your social media, people will be eager to do business with you. Build a brand around what you love doing and you can always monetize it along the way.


4. Intern in a company:

Internship gives you the opportunity to gain experience, it’s not enough to learn, it is also important you know the practical aspect of what you learn. Most organizations love to take in intern to train them while some later retain their interns to become a member of their staffs. Seek out for internship opportunities.

Internship equips you with skills and most internship comes with payment of token. Rather than being idle, write to companies or reach out to them via social media to make known your desire to work with them.

You can utilize the opportunity to learn as much as you can and you can capitalize on those skills to apply to bigger and we’ll paying organization.


5. Work for Free or Cheap:

Working for Free or cheap is 200% better than being idle. Work for free for anybody doing what you love and you’ll be amazed by the resultant effect.

You’ll learn a lot in the process and what you learn stays with you forever. Also, you’ll have opportunities for some network that might eventually make way for you. So, rather than being idle, take a big step by choosing to work for free or cheap.

Mike Akintayo in his workspace

6. Start a business: 

I believe you can start a small business. Your delay might be because God wants you to build another empire. He wants you to be another employer of labor. Why? Because your Small business can grow to employ thousands of people.

So, start small and you’ll go big. Just don’t be idle. We’ve seen a lot of people build great businesses just because they couldn’t get the job they want.

7. Attend conferences, seminars, etc:

Waiting time is a time for personal development. Aside from the opportunities to network with quality people, another advantage is quality knowledge.

Conferences, workshops, etc helps to widen your perspective and gain valuable insight. There are tonnes of events that happen weekly. Check, find those that suit your need and go-ahead to attend. Don’t shame from paying to attend training too, don’t rely on free training alone. The best investment is the investment in yourself. Therefore, do all within your reach to invest in yourself.

8. Keep Godly Company:

“Evil association corrupts good manners” I can’t overemphasize that enough.

You’re salt of the earth and the light of the world, keeping bad companies will dim your light. Sieve your friends, be mindful of your Association. Keep quality friends because your friends can make or mar you. Keep friends that help you dream big and inspire you to be better not the other way round.

9. Read Books:

Books are a lifesaver. Get a book to read. There are free ebooks available online if you can’t afford paperback. Check, you’ll see valuable books to download. Keep reading.  Check out the nearest library and read a book, Don’t just read motivation books, read Business books, psychology, Science, etc.

Mike Akintayo showcasing his skills.

Mike Akintayo.

10.Draw Close To God:

I believe in the sovereignty of God. I believe drawing close to God is important during our trying times. Spirituality is still a strategy that shouldn’t be neglected. So, draw Close to God.


Save your older self from tears, maximize your youthful life and shun Idleness. Your dreams are valid if only you start living it.

Now, I want you to do this: Can you share with us:

  1. What’s your most valuable lesson in?
  2. What other things do you think can be a cure to Idleness.
  3. Why not share this post to reach several youths?

I can’t wait to see you conquer the world.



How To Use ” Exclusivity Strategy” to sell Your Product, OUTSELL your Competitor and Make So much Money Even If you’re struggling to Get Customers Right Now.

Brand Advocate, Influencer, Good Product/ ServiceOnline Reviews Good Customer Service, Marketing,

Do you want to learn How to Use “Exclusivity Strategy” to sell Your Product, OUTSELL your Competitor and Make So much Money Even If you’re struggling to Get Customers Right Now?


Well, what I’m about to show you will make people start begging you to take their money.

You want that right? Of course, you do.


But that’s not even all.


It will make you sell more in less time.


Love that right? Well, that’s not all.


It’ll make you have people queuing up to do business with you instead of you begging them to come.


Guess what?


Even if you’re presently struggling to get customers, this Strategy will be a game-changer for you.

And it doesn’t matter which business you do. Whether you’re into real estate, consulting, manufacturing, health etc.

Well, it comes with one condition.

And the condition is simple.


Here’s it.


It will only work for you if you implement this Strategy. So, it’s not about if it will work for you or not. It’s a matter of if you’ll take action. It’s your action that will validate what you are about to read. If you take action, I’m so certain your business will start doing better than it has ever done. You’ll start getting more people eager and ready to get your product.




Let’s get started. But, I need to ask you a question and the question is that:  Have you seen diamond today?


Maybe in the last 1 month?


Or the last 3 months?


There’s a high probability you’ll give me a NO.




They’re exclusive and SCARCE. Well, that’s why they’re expensive.

It’s because they’re scarce, that’s why they’re expensive. They’re not popular everywhere like stones. If they were everywhere, they won’t be as valuable and expensive as they are.


Few people complain or bargain about the price of diamond and other luxurious goods because they know whatever the price tag, it worth the price.


Let me break your bubble. Should I? Oh, you’ve given me the permission.  Well, there’s a science and strategy behind it. If you as an Entrepreneur can utilize this strategy, you’ll get the same result.


This Strategy is simple ECONOMICS. Did you remember the Law of Demand and Supply?  You were taught in Secondary school. You remembered right? Maybe or Maybe Not”.


Well, I will remind you.


Here’s it.


It states that “The LOWER the SUPPLY, the higher the QUANTITY DEMANDED and the HIGHER the SUPPLY, the lower the QUANTITY DEMANDED”.


Which means when a product or service is scarce or short in supply, people are likely to Rush towards it.


This is how Demand and Supply works.


You see, when the demand exceeds the supply, the supply becomes more valuable. But when the supply is unlimited, only the lucky seller will have the money and that’s a bad strategy. Waiting for luck to come before you sell is a sure path to frustration.



You see, as a business, you have to know that the amount of money you will make is guided by demand and supply principles.


When Demand exceeds supply, you will surely make more money. When demand for your good and services exceed what you can supply then you have WIN big. At this point, people will start begging you to even sell to them rather than begging them to buy from you.


And one of the best ways to do this is to build EXCLUSIVITY in what you are offering. When you build EXCLUSIVITY, you’ll surely have more people demanding for your product or service.


I want to show you some demand and supply forces.


Just imagine that 50 people need your product and you are the only one available that they can buy from, will you have problem getting them to buy from you? Of course, you won’t. Why? Because demands exceeds supply. Even If you raise your price, a lot of them will still buy from you.


Also, Imagine 10 people want to buy a BUGATTI but only 3 are available, will the seller have a problem finding buyers and making money? Of course, NO. Why? Because the demand exceeds supply.


Have you ever been somewhere where something is auctioned? And the highest bidder gets it. That’s the Principle of Demand and Supply in action. Thousands of people striving to get a particular product will lead to effortless sales.


Let me explain further with this example..


Warren Buffet has a private charity lunch with someone annually; the highest bidder for the lunch will have access to Warren Buffet along with seven friends to learn about his biggest investment deals and advice.


In 2019, the highest bidder who chose to be Anonymous paid $4,567,888 just to have lunch with Warren Buffet. That’s a whooping #1,660,427,288 (One billion, Six hundred and sixty million, Four Hundred and twenty-seven thousand, two hundred and eighty-eight naira) when converted to naira.


It was later reported that the winner Justin Sun is a 28 years old founder of a Cryptocurrency company founder,  Tron. 2019 lunch bid with Warren Buffet received 18 bids from five bidders.


It’s a disadvantage if your customers see or perceive your product as something they can get just anywhere and anytime. Your difference is your superpower.


Most people bid for a lunch with Warren Buffet because they perceived what they will gain from him can’t be gained everywhere. That’s Principle of EXCLUSIVITY.


People pay huge sums to Experts because they believe they can’t get the knowledge or quality of service just anywhere. If people don’t perceive you that way, then you won’t be able to make a lot of money in your business.


Your goal as an Entrepreneur is to make people stop seeing your product or service as something they can get anywhere to an EXCLUSIVE product/ Service they can get only from you.


Here’s  How to Use “Exclusivity Strategy” to sell Your Product, OUTSELL your Competitor and Make So much Money Even If you’re struggling to Get Customers Right Now: 

1. Be Exclusive Great with what you do:

You see, exclusivity comes with excellence. If people will demand for your product more than you can supply them, then you must be extremely good at what you do. Excellence is lacking in the business world which means few entrepreneurs that go the extra mile to deliver a “wow’ experience will surely make more money than those that do business just like everybody else. When you value excellence and deliver excellently anytime people encounter your product or service, they will do all it takes to keep you. Nothing trumps excellent service delivery in business. No strategy can make excellent irrelevant. Always ask yourself how can I deliver more excellently?

2. Be Exclusively Different:

What can you do for your clients that very few or even nobody can do? So, you need to create some kind of differentiation for yourself – your brand, business, products, and services. This is the strategy used by Elon Musk for his car Cybertruck. The car has some differences from conventional cars and it is argued that he has received about 250,000 preorders for cybetruck. Your differentiation might be in your product or in your service delivery. What can you do differently should be one of your burning questions to use the exclusivity strategy.

3.Limited Supply:

This is what I call the scarcity strategy. You must know how to use “Scarcity Strategy” to sell your product especially Highly Priced Product or service. Scarcity Strategy helps you sell more in less time and also helps overcome “Buyers Objection pattern” to a quantifiable extent.


I used this often in my copies as a copywriter. Here’s just one way you can inject “Scarcity Strategy” to sell your product. Let me explain better.  Imagine, you’re selling a particular product. Maybe a Wristwatch. You can use this:  “Just to let you know, Only 30 pieces of this Wristwatch are available. What this means is that despite being interested in this watch, if delayed you might not be able to get it. Why? Because as you see this, 100 more potential customers are seeing it which means only “FAST ACTION TAKERS” will have this watch. And of course, you won’t want to be the person to miss out on this premium watch”.

So, the earlier the better. Place your order right now and be among the exclusive 30 who will rock this watch”.

Here’s another way:

Maybe you’re selling a Coaching Service. Use this: “As you know, as much I wish, I can’t work with everybody. I have just one life and just 24 hours in a day just like you. So, this opening is open just for 5 people. Once I get the 5 people, I won’t be able to take up anyone even if you’ve your money. So, it’s solely your responsibility to take action now to avoid stories that touch the heart.

The truth is that people who really WANT what you sell will take action and demand for your product or service.

Remember, it’s simple Economics, “the Lower the supply, the higher the quantity demanded.

Figure out how you can inject exclusivity strategy in your offering and people will rush your product.

Do you find value in this post; Let me know in the comment section.



7 Tested Customer Acquisition Strategies for Small Businesses that Will Skyrocket Your Business Growth

Customer Acquisition is necessary for business growth in 2020 and beyond. The more you can acquire customers, the more your chances of achieving business success. I can make a bold claim that your future in business isn’t secure if you’re not constantly acquiring and retaining customers.

As a matter of fact, we can easily measure the growth of your business by the number of customers you’re acquiring and retaining per time. However, you can’t retain a customer you’ve not first acquired. I’m going to be sharing with you tested strategies you can use in making customers flood your business like ocean.

Most small businesses don’t have a large customer acquisition budget. Therefore, it’s important they get the right strategies for their business. Once this is done, they will be able to make more profits in their business and probably scale up their business. Scaling their business will, in turn, lead to more employment opportunities and more economic stability in the country.

Here is it, Small businesses don’t need more investors; what they need is to acquire more customers. Most small business makes these mistakes of seeking investors, forgetting the fact that investors are more concerned about their gain. And the presence of investors in the absence of customers to buy will lead to little or no profits. When businesses have more customers, they have the opportunity to make profits and scale up very fast.

So here we go, let’s examine:

Tested Customer Acquisition Strategies for Small Businesses that Will Skyrocket Your Business Growth.


1. Ask for Referrals:

This is the best place to start. Your existing customers know other people that have similar needs for your product or service. Ask them to refer people who might need your product or service to you. If truly, you offer good product or service (I believe you are doing that already), be rest assured that they’ll refer people to you. Even if you have just one customer, that singular person is all you need to get more customers to your business. How often do you ask for referrals from existing customers?


Referrals are powerful and it doesn’t even cost you any amount of money. Not even a Dime. Irrespective of how little you’re spending on marketing, you’re spending so much if you’re not getting clients via referrals. Go through the list of your existing clients and ask them for referrals.


You can even take it further by giving them a reward for the number of people they refer to you. Referrals cost you no extra cost and give you an additional income from new customers without spending any amount. Interestingly, if you offer good products or services to the referred clients. They’ll refer more people to you which equates additional profits.

2. Spend money on Advertising:

As a business owner, you must set aside a particular budget on advertising. In marketing, it is called the Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC). Spending money on advertising isn’t a waste of money but an investment that has a huge Return on investment (ROI). There are two ways to spend money, it is either you spend money as an expenditure or spend money as an investment. Spending money on advertising is an investment, not expenditure. It gives you more money than you ever thought. Imagine spending #5000 to acquire a customer that pays you #60,000 and buys from you twice. That’s 120,000 in total.  Isn’t that a good return on investment? Of course, it is.


There are a lot of channels you can use to advertise your products and they include social media (Facebook ads, Instagram ads, twitter ads, Google ads, etc), traditional media (Television, Radio, Newspapers, fliers, magazines, etc) However, don’t spend on advertising blindly. Less, you lose instead of making more money. Before spending any amount on advertising, consider the lifetime value of your customers. This is the amount of money you get from repeated purchases of a particular customer.


The number of time a customer buy from you matters when it comes to spending money on advertising. Also, another important fact you need to know is that the channels used for advertising must have your target audience. Advertising in front of someone who isn’t your target audience is a waste of money and a waste of time.


It’s better not to advertise at all than to advertise in a media that doesn’t have your target audience. Advertising to the wrong audience is like putting a basket inside heavy rain to retain water because irrespective of how long the rain falls, a basket will never retain water because of its pores.  So, be deliberate about putting your advertisement in front of potential customers that are willing and ready to buy your product which means they must need the product and also have the money to pay for your product.


3. Utilize Testimonials:

You see, when people see someone testifying about your product or service, they’ll likely buy from you. Here’s why: people have a lot of objections about why they should not give you money. However, it’s your job as an Entrepreneur to show them why they should exchange their money with you and nobody else.

The best way to do this is via Testimonials. People love to hear about your service or product from a third party i.e someone who has used your product or benefitted from your service.

Strategically place testimonials of your previous satisfied customers in front of your target audience. This will help them neglect all objections that have been preventing them from buying from you. So, always try as much as possible to ask for testimonials from satisfied clients because their testimonials will go a long way to making you acquire new customers especially people that are afraid of trying out your product or service.


You can even package it into a Small book (Physical or EBook) and term it “What customers are saying about us’. Testimonials could be in the form of audios, text, videos, etc.  Personally, I think video testimonials work best. As little as one-minute testimonial can be all you need to acquire a new customer.  How often do you demand testimonials from your clients?


4. Have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

Domino Pizza doesn’t make the best pizza. I’ve never tasted a Pizza (I know that surprised you and you’re tempted to call me local guy). However, those that have tasted different pizzas have testified that they’ve eaten better pizza than Domino’s pizza.

But, what makes people keep running towards Domino’s pizza over and again? Well, it’s because of their Unique Selling Proposition (USP). What’s their Unique Selling Proposition? I believe you’re asking yourself right now? Well, their Unique Selling Proposition is “Hot, juicy, delicious pizza – delivered to your door in thirty minutes or less – or it’s yours absolutely free”.

What this means is that if you order for a pizza from domino and it is cold, you will have the pizza for free while they suffer the loss. They discovered everyone loves hot pizza and they build a USP around it.

Your offer is what will attract people to your product. It’s the message you communicate to your target audience that will determine if they’ll buy from you or not.


Right Message+ Right audience = MASSIVE SALES.

It is your offering that sets you apart in a crowded market.  You must have a good Unique Selling proposition that will make people always interested in doing business with you. People are always ready to buy if you give them a reason to buy.


Constantly communicate your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to your target audience and you’ll see customers flood your business like never before. You can get your USP right is by always asking:

  1. A) What differentiates me from other people offering the same service or product? Or
  2. B) What can I offer that my competitors are not presently offering?

Build your USP around this and you’ll see more customers flood your small business.

5. Offer something for free or cheap:

Have you ever thought of the following? Why does Netflix make the first month free? Why do O’pay start by offering a ridiculously discounted price for their bike when they started? Why do telecoms providers like airtel, glo, Etisalat, etc give you their sim card for free (As a matter of fact, they pay people to beg you to take the sim card) or isn’t it? Of course, they do. In fact, the free sim cards even have free airtime just to make sure you get enticed to get it.


Well, it’s because they think long term and not really conscious of the first sale. Here’s how it works:  once they can get you into the buying stream (irrespective of how much you pay), you’ll likely continue to buy from them again and again. That’s marketing psychology.


By offering you bike for #100, you’ll likely take their O’ride bike for #1000 or more. Netflix knows that by offering you free films or documentary for the first month, you’re likely to pay hundreds of dollars later if you’re not broke. By offering you free sim card, you’ll continue to recharge your sim despite getting the sim card for free.


You see, there’s a vital principle in marketing that says “A buyer is a buyer is a buyer’. What this means is that once someone buy something from you once, they will likely buy from you again and again.


Once you get someone to pay you money once or use your product once in the front end, they’ll likely pay you more and more in the backend. This means even if you give them something for free or cheap at first, they’ll likely pay you more and more in the backend.


Sometimes, you’ve shift your attention from the first sales, and do all it takes to make someone experience you(your product or service) which sometimes is offering your product or service for free or cheap.


You see, when people know they’re getting something for free or cheap, they’re likely to flood that business. Free or cheap things attract people, you can choose to take it or leave it.   You can apply that strategy to attract people to be a customer while you continue to make more money from them in the backend. To make it more practical, let me make the following examples,


  • You can decide to take a Speaking engagement in your industry, speak for FREE and convert the audience to paying customers.
  • If you’re a pharmacist, you can offer FREE medical checkup and recommend drugs for them to buy from you store.
  • If you sell gadgets, you can offer FREE REPAIR of their gadgets if peradventure it gets damaged.
  • If you sell computer software, you can offer TO INSTALL THE SOFTWARE FOR FREE.
  • If you do souvenir business, you can decide to make some of your design free.
  • You can decide to make free home delivery for your customers.

By so doing, you’ll attract more customers. However, whatever you’re offering for free, make sure it’s part of the cost of customer acquisition and try as much as possible not to use this strategy blindly.

6. Content Marketing:

Content marketing is the new gold. If you’re not utilizing content marketing to attract customers, you’re probably putting a lot of money on the table. You see, one of the best things that have happened to this generation is TECHNOLOGY. Technology has changed a lot of things including how the ness reaches out to their potential customers.

So, how well is your business using technology (Social media specifically) to attract customers? And using content marketing doesn’t mean you’ve to be techie. Interestingly, all you need for a start is your phone. Yes, the same phone you’re holding. But, what exactly is content marketing?

Content marketing requires that you create consistent valuable and relevant content, distribute them with the goal of attracting and retaining a clearly defined audience and to drive profitable customer action.

You see, people don’t buy from you except you’ve built your KLT factor i.e. people must know, like and trust you before they do business with you. And one of the ways to do that is through content marketing.

Here’s a simple way to implement it. If you’re a Pharmacist, constantly share content about drugs, health,etc.

By so doing, people will start knowing what you do and if peradventure they need your service or someone they know needs your service, they’ll remember you and patronize you because you’re the first person that will come to their mind.


Utilize social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, tc) depending on the type of media that has your target audience. And your content can be of various forms like video, audios, text,etc. figure out what is easy for you.


Stop leaving your WhatsApp Status blank without use, use it to blow your trumpet about your business. Whatsapp status is a badass marketing tool that will position you in front of your target audience. Start treating all social media channels as tools for business growth.

Let everyone associated with you know what you do and they can only know that by the content you constantly post on your social media. I need you to answer this question. When last did you post about your business online?


Well, start doing so often today. Content marketing is a tested and proven customer acquisition strategy.  Post valuable, educative, informative content about your business and you’ll see more customers flooding your business. This is a business course on its own, so I can keep talking about it on and on.  It is worthy to note that, you should follow the 80/20 principle.

Let 80% of your content be non-salesy, just valuable contents while 20% should be based on sales. Just make sure you don’t appear selfish in front of your target audience. Let them see your content as valuable and see you as someone who has their interest at heart.

7. Take Speaking Opportunities in your industry:

Speakers are perceived as an authority and people love to buy from authorities. Taking a speaking engagement in your industry will make people start seeing you as an authority and willing to buy from you.

Interestingly, you can easily close a lot of people from the stage to get your products easily if you offer them value while speaking (and depending on how persuasive you are). Therefore, always look out for speaking engagement in your industry and offer to speak for free with the aim that you want to convert the audience to paying customers.

You can even organize your own event targeted at your audience, make them register and eventually close them to become paying customers.

It’s been an amazing ride. Thanks for following through. Do you find this helpful? Kindly comment below.

These are tested seven ways to acquire customers to your business irrespective of the business you do. I believe you’ll like your friends too to get new customers in their business. Use any of the social buttons below to share it with them.

Are there some other strategies you utilize in getting customers? Share with us in the comment box.



8 Ways to Get Valuable Business Knowledge Even Without Attending Any Prestigious Business School (Including Harvard Business School)

8 Ways thiGet Valuable Business Knowledge

If you read this to the end, you’ll learn 8 ways you can get valuable business knowledge even without attending any Prestigious Business School (Including Harvard Business School).

Or won’t you like to know?

Of course, you’ll. Now, this article isn’t in any way discrediting Harvard Business School or other business schools.

Neither is it saying you shouldn’t get an MBA if you need to.

The purpose of this article is to show you that there are other ways of getting equipped with business knowledge outside the four walls of the university.

Also, not everyone has the time and energy to go back to school to learn about Business e.g  how to create  a well-structured Business, Building business processes, hiring employees, etc

However, not going to Business School isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t have certain business knowledge that will skyrocket your business growth. There are a lot of ways you can get access to quality business knowledge aside from the four walls of the classroom. I’ll be sharing some of them in this article.

Interestingly, some of these ways are easy and not complex at all that even an illiterate guy can implement.

So whether you’re a busy Entrepreneur or you’ve all the time to yourself, these methods will work pretty well for you.

As you know “Knowledge is power” or isn’t it? Of course, it is. What that means is that the Knowledge you’ve will go a long way to determine the result you’ll accomplish in life and business.  Which means the result you’re getting (or not getting) in your business is as a result of what you know (or what you don’t know). Your knowledge is like an anchor that controls your business. It shapes everything about your business.

Therefore, getting valuable knowledge is non- negotiable. It’s a necessity, not an option. Your ignorance can cost you a lot both on the short term or long term. Your ignorance can make your competitor dominate your industry, make you drastically lose customers, reduce profit or even run out of business.   The importance of knowledge acquisition in business is so enormous.

Also, we now live in a technology-driven and fast-changing world. Knowledge is becoming obsolete so fast that what you know one year ago isn’t so much applicable to today’s business problem. Of course, some knowledge is evergreen and still applicable and will forever be applicable.

Here’s the fact, even if you have an MBA or you’ve once attended a course in a Business school, not everything you learn when you attended Business school is still very relevant.  Some are as good as useless.  That is why effective Business schools change their course curriculum often.

And you can’t always enroll every time to business school just because you want to improve your business knowledge. Well, except you have the money and time.  Therefore, it’s important as a business owner, you constantly upskill and equip yourself with the right business knowledge.

If you’ll stand the test of time and dominate in your business, then knowledge acquisition is a necessity because only continuous learning will guarantee your future in business.  Unfortunately, few people know how to access this information.

What I’m about to share with you is what will help you become a better learner and acquire relevant business knowledge. You’ll learn to how you can Get Valuable Business Knowledge Even without Attending Any Prestigious Business School (Including Harvard Business School)

Let’s get started. Shall we? Of course, we can.

 1. Have a growth mentality:

Your mentality determines your reality. Without having a growth mentality, you’ll be convenient with your status quo that you won’t care about improving yourself. Do you know why having a growth mentality is important? Well, it’s because Business growth is equivalent to personal growth.

If you are not growing personally then your business is at stake.  Your business isn’t run by robots, but by people. People run businesses. So, you have to be passionate about becoming a better individual because your growth as an individual will surely reflect on your business.

Everything rise and falls on your mentality. As within, so without.  Your mentality affects your reality (including business reality). However, if you don’t have a growth mentality, you won’t see a need to get valuable business knowledge that will improve your business growth. You must be willing to grow your knowledge base because your knowledge base will determine your result in your business. This is the basis for any result you’ll command. How willing are you to grow your knowledge base?

2. Have personal development Goals & budget:

It is not enough to have a growth mentality; you must show your commitment by ensuring you have personal development goals and budget to achieve those goals. Personal Development Goals are certain things you planned achieving related to your personal development. They include books you planned reading, courses you planned taking, events you planned attending, etc.

You have to know that not everything can be googled; some business knowledge can only be gotten by spending money on the courses, books, etc.  I recently have access to an Oxford Business Group report and I’m surprised by how valuable the insight in the report is.  The report takes a look at several business sectors in Nigeria.  As a business owner, you have to have a budget for this type of report because reports like this will help you make valuable decisions and avoid certain mistakes.

A personal development budget is a budget set aside to develop yourself. This personal development budget will account for the money you planned spending on buying business books, taking courses, attending business-related seminars and workshops like Limbsimple strategy Factory organized by Ezekiel Solesi, attending networking events, etc. This budget will make you more intentional about investing in yourself.



As you know, the best form of investment is self-investment which means that a personal development budget should be worthwhile. Think of any amount you are setting aside on your budget as an investment that has a high return on investment not as expenditure. I’ll advise that the budget is monthly or quarterly so that you’ll have enough funds available whenever you want to buy a book, take a course, attend an event, etc.   Cultivating this habit will go a long way to increase how much you know about running a profitable business.

Interestingly, aside from the knowledge, you get when you attend training, you also have the opportunity to network and develop a relationship with other business owners who might eventually do business with you.  Transactions over 100 million nairas have occurred among ALUMNI of LIMBsimple Strategy Factory.  This is the type of event you should invest in as a business owner.

3. Follow Business influencers:

This is often underrated by a lot of people but it works. We are in the era of content marketing. A lot of influencers post valuable content on their social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc and other channels. Your job as a business owner is to search out the contents they post on those channels.

Identify influencers in the business niche that suits your business interest. Follow their content on their social media, read their blog contents etc. I’ve gained valuable insight on sales and marketing from content posted by top influencers like Dan Lok, Anthony Robbins, Ronald Nzimora, Akin Alabi  etc.  As a marketing Consultant and Copywriter, Dan Lok’s webinars have made me a better salesperson.

Most Influencers often post genuine and valuable content that can help grow your business or improve your business knowledge.  Subscribe to their newsletters, read their blog post, check their social media profile, etc. You’ll be surprised of how much you’ll learn and acquire valuable business knowledge from influencers.

4. Make YouTube your best friend:

Youtube is a great learning tool for acquiring valuable business knowledge for those that know how to utilize it. There are tones of educative and informative video content on YouTube that can help you grow your business. If you maximize YouTube effectively, you’ll learn quite a lot of things. Just input whatever you want to learn in the search box and you are good to go.

While using YouTube, make sure you check out multiple channels that have what you want to learn about. This will help you get a different perspectives on what you want to learn.

Also, sometimes not all times, the number of viewerships in a particular channel showcase how valuable and trusted a particular channel is.  Therefore, set aside time to learn on youtube and you’ll be surprised that you’ve been sitting on a goldmine.

5. Maximize Driving time:

If you live in a busy city like Lagos, you’ll agree with me that a lot of times in driving or transiting from one place to another. Unfortunately, most times we get locked up in traffic and waste away valuable time.

This driving/ traffic time can be converted to productive and personal development time. How can you achieve that? Well, it’s simple. It’s by utilizing Audiobooks.

You can get tones of audiobooks on your mobile device and play the audiobooks on your way to work and on your way back from work daily.

If you have a car, instead of just driving, chose to kill two birds with a stone by listening to audiobooks.  If you don’t have a car, rather than just staying in the car, get your hands free ready and utilize the opportunity to listen to audiobooks.   Audiobooks help you read voluminous books easily and also maximize driving time. Most successful Entrepreneurs maximize this a lot, you need to join the league of Entrepreneurs that maximizes audiobooks.

6. Take an Online course:

There are sites online you can get valuable business knowledge.  Sites like, ALISON, Coursera,edX, Udacity, Lynda, General Assembly, Skillshare. etc are very good sites that have bit-sized courses you can take that will improve your knowledge base.

7. Observation/ Modeling of successful Entrepreneurs:

Sometimes back, I was having a conversation with someone I hold in high regard when he told me “Mike, some things are not taught, some things are caught”. Those words were defining moments. Don’t be deceived into thinking you can only learn by someone teaching you. There is a lot to learn via observation. So, look at the leading Entrepreneurs and learn from the strategies, the cultures, approaches, etc that are making them win big in the marketplace. Trust me, if you get the strategies right, you’ll be able to replicate such great feat in your business too. so you need valuable business knowledge? Stop waiting, start observing. Utilize observation and you’ll be happy with how much you’ll learn.

8. Business Mentorship:

Mentorship is very vital in knowledge acquisition. Mentors are shortcuts. Mentors prevent you from making costly mistakes. Look out for mentors and through them, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn. Mentorship will help you get valuable business knowledge from experts or people you desire their results.

Now, you’ve all you need to dominate. Not having the time and resources to go to a business school is no longer an excuse not to improve your knowledge.

So, over to you, What are the ways you think You can get valuable business Knowledge?

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