8 Ways to Get Valuable Business Knowledge Even Without Attending Any Prestigious Business School (Including Harvard Business School)

8 Ways thiGet Valuable Business Knowledge

If you read this to the end, you’ll learn 8 ways you can get valuable business knowledge even without attending any Prestigious Business School (Including Harvard Business School).

Or won’t you like to know?

Of course, you’ll. Now, this article isn’t in any way discrediting Harvard Business School or other business schools.

Neither is it saying you shouldn’t get an MBA if you need to.

The purpose of this article is to show you that there are other ways of getting equipped with business knowledge outside the four walls of the university.

Also, not everyone has the time and energy to go back to school to learn about Business e.g  how to create  a well-structured Business, Building business processes, hiring employees, etc

However, not going to Business School isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t have certain business knowledge that will skyrocket your business growth. There are a lot of ways you can get access to quality business knowledge aside from the four walls of the classroom. I’ll be sharing some of them in this article.

Interestingly, some of these ways are easy and not complex at all that even an illiterate guy can implement.

So whether you’re a busy Entrepreneur or you’ve all the time to yourself, these methods will work pretty well for you.

As you know “Knowledge is power” or isn’t it? Of course, it is. What that means is that the Knowledge you’ve will go a long way to determine the result you’ll accomplish in life and business.  Which means the result you’re getting (or not getting) in your business is as a result of what you know (or what you don’t know). Your knowledge is like an anchor that controls your business. It shapes everything about your business.

Therefore, getting valuable knowledge is non- negotiable. It’s a necessity, not an option. Your ignorance can cost you a lot both on the short term or long term. Your ignorance can make your competitor dominate your industry, make you drastically lose customers, reduce profit or even run out of business.   The importance of knowledge acquisition in business is so enormous.

Also, we now live in a technology-driven and fast-changing world. Knowledge is becoming obsolete so fast that what you know one year ago isn’t so much applicable to today’s business problem. Of course, some knowledge is evergreen and still applicable and will forever be applicable.

Here’s the fact, even if you have an MBA or you’ve once attended a course in a Business school, not everything you learn when you attended Business school is still very relevant.  Some are as good as useless.  That is why effective Business schools change their course curriculum often.

And you can’t always enroll every time to business school just because you want to improve your business knowledge. Well, except you have the money and time.  Therefore, it’s important as a business owner, you constantly upskill and equip yourself with the right business knowledge.

If you’ll stand the test of time and dominate in your business, then knowledge acquisition is a necessity because only continuous learning will guarantee your future in business.  Unfortunately, few people know how to access this information.

What I’m about to share with you is what will help you become a better learner and acquire relevant business knowledge. You’ll learn to how you can Get Valuable Business Knowledge Even without Attending Any Prestigious Business School (Including Harvard Business School)

Let’s get started. Shall we? Of course, we can.

 1. Have a growth mentality:

Your mentality determines your reality. Without having a growth mentality, you’ll be convenient with your status quo that you won’t care about improving yourself. Do you know why having a growth mentality is important? Well, it’s because Business growth is equivalent to personal growth.

If you are not growing personally then your business is at stake.  Your business isn’t run by robots, but by people. People run businesses. So, you have to be passionate about becoming a better individual because your growth as an individual will surely reflect on your business.

Everything rise and falls on your mentality. As within, so without.  Your mentality affects your reality (including business reality). However, if you don’t have a growth mentality, you won’t see a need to get valuable business knowledge that will improve your business growth. You must be willing to grow your knowledge base because your knowledge base will determine your result in your business. This is the basis for any result you’ll command. How willing are you to grow your knowledge base?

2. Have personal development Goals & budget:

It is not enough to have a growth mentality; you must show your commitment by ensuring you have personal development goals and budget to achieve those goals. Personal Development Goals are certain things you planned achieving related to your personal development. They include books you planned reading, courses you planned taking, events you planned attending, etc.

You have to know that not everything can be googled; some business knowledge can only be gotten by spending money on the courses, books, etc.  I recently have access to an Oxford Business Group report and I’m surprised by how valuable the insight in the report is.  The report takes a look at several business sectors in Nigeria.  As a business owner, you have to have a budget for this type of report because reports like this will help you make valuable decisions and avoid certain mistakes.

A personal development budget is a budget set aside to develop yourself. This personal development budget will account for the money you planned spending on buying business books, taking courses, attending business-related seminars and workshops like Limbsimple strategy Factory organized by Ezekiel Solesi, attending networking events, etc. This budget will make you more intentional about investing in yourself.



As you know, the best form of investment is self-investment which means that a personal development budget should be worthwhile. Think of any amount you are setting aside on your budget as an investment that has a high return on investment not as expenditure. I’ll advise that the budget is monthly or quarterly so that you’ll have enough funds available whenever you want to buy a book, take a course, attend an event, etc.   Cultivating this habit will go a long way to increase how much you know about running a profitable business.

Interestingly, aside from the knowledge, you get when you attend training, you also have the opportunity to network and develop a relationship with other business owners who might eventually do business with you.  Transactions over 100 million nairas have occurred among ALUMNI of LIMBsimple Strategy Factory.  This is the type of event you should invest in as a business owner.

3. Follow Business influencers:

This is often underrated by a lot of people but it works. We are in the era of content marketing. A lot of influencers post valuable content on their social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc and other channels. Your job as a business owner is to search out the contents they post on those channels.

Identify influencers in the business niche that suits your business interest. Follow their content on their social media, read their blog contents etc. I’ve gained valuable insight on sales and marketing from content posted by top influencers like Dan Lok, Anthony Robbins, Ronald Nzimora, Akin Alabi  etc.  As a marketing Consultant and Copywriter, Dan Lok’s webinars have made me a better salesperson.

Most Influencers often post genuine and valuable content that can help grow your business or improve your business knowledge.  Subscribe to their newsletters, read their blog post, check their social media profile, etc. You’ll be surprised of how much you’ll learn and acquire valuable business knowledge from influencers.

4. Make YouTube your best friend:

Youtube is a great learning tool for acquiring valuable business knowledge for those that know how to utilize it. There are tones of educative and informative video content on YouTube that can help you grow your business. If you maximize YouTube effectively, you’ll learn quite a lot of things. Just input whatever you want to learn in the search box and you are good to go.

While using YouTube, make sure you check out multiple channels that have what you want to learn about. This will help you get a different perspectives on what you want to learn.

Also, sometimes not all times, the number of viewerships in a particular channel showcase how valuable and trusted a particular channel is.  Therefore, set aside time to learn on youtube and you’ll be surprised that you’ve been sitting on a goldmine.

5. Maximize Driving time:

If you live in a busy city like Lagos, you’ll agree with me that a lot of times in driving or transiting from one place to another. Unfortunately, most times we get locked up in traffic and waste away valuable time.

This driving/ traffic time can be converted to productive and personal development time. How can you achieve that? Well, it’s simple. It’s by utilizing Audiobooks.

You can get tones of audiobooks on your mobile device and play the audiobooks on your way to work and on your way back from work daily.

If you have a car, instead of just driving, chose to kill two birds with a stone by listening to audiobooks.  If you don’t have a car, rather than just staying in the car, get your hands free ready and utilize the opportunity to listen to audiobooks.   Audiobooks help you read voluminous books easily and also maximize driving time. Most successful Entrepreneurs maximize this a lot, you need to join the league of Entrepreneurs that maximizes audiobooks.

6. Take an Online course:

There are sites online you can get valuable business knowledge.  Sites like Udemy.com, ALISON, Coursera,edX, Udacity, Lynda, General Assembly, Skillshare. etc are very good sites that have bit-sized courses you can take that will improve your knowledge base.

7. Observation/ Modeling of successful Entrepreneurs:

Sometimes back, I was having a conversation with someone I hold in high regard when he told me “Mike, some things are not taught, some things are caught”. Those words were defining moments. Don’t be deceived into thinking you can only learn by someone teaching you. There is a lot to learn via observation. So, look at the leading Entrepreneurs and learn from the strategies, the cultures, approaches, etc that are making them win big in the marketplace. Trust me, if you get the strategies right, you’ll be able to replicate such great feat in your business too. so you need valuable business knowledge? Stop waiting, start observing. Utilize observation and you’ll be happy with how much you’ll learn.

8. Business Mentorship:

Mentorship is very vital in knowledge acquisition. Mentors are shortcuts. Mentors prevent you from making costly mistakes. Look out for mentors and through them, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn. Mentorship will help you get valuable business knowledge from experts or people you desire their results.

Now, you’ve all you need to dominate. Not having the time and resources to go to a business school is no longer an excuse not to improve your knowledge.

So, over to you, What are the ways you think You can get valuable business Knowledge?

How To Use ‘FREE” As A Strategy To Skyrocket Sales Of Your Products And Service and Make Massive Profit

Just need to ask you, if I could show you how to make more profit just by using something as simple as “FREE” as a strategy, how happy will you be?


Very happy right? I know.

Knowledge they say is power, now imagine me giving you what will give you power over your competitors, and instead of COMPETING like you used to do, you start DOMINATING and of course, make more money.


In a moment, I will be exposing you to a strategy you’ve not been paying attention to. And by making use of it, one thing is sure. You will attract more people that will buy from you over and again.

Just as you know, Human beings (including you) love FREEBIES. Free food, free Book, free ride etc.

Once we hear FREE, we automatically shift our attention from any other thing and concentrate on what is available for FREE.

The truth is that we all love to reap where we didn’t sow.  Maybe not directly, but we love it.

That is why politicians give FREE food (rice, Tomato paste, etc), FREE money, Free Skill Acquisition, etc towards election and people forget about their awful past and still go-ahead to vote for them for another 4 Years.


But, why do we love free things?


Because you have nothing to lose. It doesn’t cost you a dime. It saves you money and stress.  You see, by just including the word “FREE” in your marketing strategy, you can OUTPERFORM & OUTSELL others and make more money. You just have to figure out a way to utilize it.



The more you understand the power of FREE, the more equipped you are to DOMINATE in any market you find yourself.

Obviously, if you read this till the end you’ll learn how to effectively use it. The truth is that irrespective of the business you run, you can use this strategy.


Are you ready? Yes, you are.


  1. Buy this get That Free:

This is a very good strategy, especially for Digital products. Imagine putting out one of your online courses for sale and accompanying it with a FREE copy of one of your e-books.

The truth is that some people will pay for your course just because of the free e-book attached to it. You can offer a couple of your products and offer a free gift along. Let me make an example, maybe you just moved to a new location and there’s no electricity stability and one of the booming businesses is Phone Charging.

Of course, one of the businesses you can start is the business of Phone charging. All you need to do is to open a shop and put someone there to oversee it. Your main marketing strategy could be “Charge 2 phones, get one free”. Several people will leave their previous customers just to enjoy your FREE phone charging.

or make  “5 designs and get one free”. You get my point? Of course, you did.


2. Free Delivery:

By just promising your customers free delivery of your product to their doorstep will make them buy from you. This means that they don’t have to waste time dressing up, stressing themself to walk to the junction to take a bike, waste money to pay the bike man, they’ll have time to focus on other things etc.

One of my mentors used this strategy in his gas station. Rather than coming to the station to get your gas-filled, they offer FREE home delivery to you. Of course, you already know this strategy makes him the king among all those doing the business in his state.

3. Get this Book Free, pay only for shipping:

You see, I was a victim of this strategy. It was used by the great funnel hacker “Russell Branson” to sell his book “Expert Secrets”, I ordered the book and pay for the book shipping for a little above #5000.

This is one of the strategies used by Africa’s foremost copywriter “Ronald Nzimora” to sell his book “Sell Your Brain”(By the way, you need to read that book). I don’t know how this works but it sure works. You can figure out how it works and implement it.

4. Free Repair in case of any fault:

This helps you build trust in your brand. It also communicates to your customers that you’re confident of the product you’re putting out for sale. I believe you should pay attention to this if you’re in the engineering or Tech niche. Tecno established Carlcare centers across several locations where you can easily repair your phone for FREE during the warranty period so far the problem isn’t from you.

This simple strategy has made several people buy Tecno or Infinix phones. if you sell gadgets, you can chose to offer.

5. Offer Free Bonus:

Offer Bonus along with your product or service. Countless times, I have paid for books and courses not because of the books or courses itself but because of the FREE BONUS attached. If the bonus were not included, I might not have put out my hard-earned money to purchase them.


6. Free Webinar:

Webinar is Web +seminar. Meaning organizing a free seminar on your products or services can make you money. Offering free WEBINAR will attract a lot of attendants to your webinar. After the webinar, you offer your product for sale. I’ve seen this used countless times.

However, make sure you give value during the webinar. The value you give during the webinar will determine if people will respond to your Offer of not.


7. Take this product and try for Free:

Giving out your product for customers to use for sometimes for them to test before paying works like magic. LinkedIn allows you to use the premium version of the app for free before charging you.  The truth is that after experiencing the amazing function of the premium version of the app for sometimes, there is a high probability that you’ll pay for it.

There is always an opportunity to play a Demo version of a game before you’re told to pay. Why? Because your experience with the FREE version will make you fall in love that you’re ready to pay for it. You can use this strategy to sell software, Cars, etc.


8. Free Consultation:

Offering as small as Free 15 minutes consultation can make you convert confused prospects to a loyal customer. Just make sure you put your best foot forward, if the custoduirmer sees you as someone capable of helping him or her, you will surely make money in the back-end.

9. Offer Lead Magnet for Free:

This is often used by Internet marketers to capture the email addresses of website visitors. By offering lead magnet for free and getting an email address in return, you can easily nurture your relationship and later sell your products to them in the back-end.

By now, I am sure you’re really pumped up seeing different ways you can use FREE as a strategy in your business. However, I must warn you at this point that never give a promise you won’t fulfill. You can only succeed in fooling people once and lose them forever.

However, I will advise you to keep your promise and have them forever. Brand promise is very important.

So over to you, what other ways do you think FREE can be used as a strategy in business?





How To Make People Become Your Brand Advocate And Advertise Your Business For Free

Brand Advocate, Influencer, Good Product/ ServiceOnline Reviews Good Customer Service, Marketing,

I’m about to show you how you can make people become your  Brand Advocate, get cheap publicity for your business without spending a dime on advertising.  Interestingly, this strategy is simple as ABC to use and you can get STARTED immediately. As a matter of fact, some of you have been practicing it but you can do better than what you’ve always done.

But, I need to ask.

What will an extra profit in your business do for you?

How’ll you feel if you start making more money selling your product or service without spending any additional fee on advertising?

How’ll you feel making others become your brand advocate talking about your product or service everywhere they go without you paying them a dime. Great? Right? Of course, you’ll feel really happy and grateful.

I might not be sure of so many things in this world but I’m sure extra profit will lead to a happier life. This is because extra profit will do at least one of the following for you:

  1. You’ll be able to afford certain things you can’t afford before. E.g Depending on the profit margin, you can decide to go to your dream country, like traveling to France, New Zealand, etc.
  2. Pay Your Bills: Bills are important.
  3. Go for what you want: Good healthcare, live in a more affordable house, etc
  4. Give to Charity. Etc.

Or isn’t it? Of course, it is.

Now, by implementing this strategy be rest assured of making more profit.

Now, I need to ask you a question.

What is the greatest form of Advertising? Television Ads, Radio Ads, Social media Marketing, Google Ads, Bill Boards, fliers, Email Marketing right?

Now, all these forms of Advertising works. No doubt about that.

However, there is something that works far better than all these advertising.  Interestingly, you don’t need to pay any extra FEE or Charges to get it running.

You have to pay for Facebook Ads, less Mark Zukerberg won’t make your Ads go live on this platform.

You must pay Tv stations to advertise on their channel. ( They won’t even listen to you at all without money).

The same applies to other types of Advertising.

You must pay a lot of money to reach your target audience.

And the payment isn’t even once, you’ll continue to pay as long as you want your ads to reach your target audience.

But, what I’m about to show you is superior.

What if I show you a superior advertising strategy that will help your business make more profit and also doesn’t have all these flaws other marketing has? Of course, you’ll be happy.

Well, the superior advertising Is WORD OF MOUTH Advertising.

Yes, WORD OF MOUTH Marketing.

Word of Mouth marketing turn existing customers into Brand Advocate.

All the flaws that exist with other advertising don’t exist in Word Of Mouth Marketing.

You need little or nothing to get started.


It continues till Forever, so far you’re in Business.

In simplicity,

Word of Mouth Marketing is a type of marketing that gets people talking about you and your business and recommending you. You can transform people into Brand Advocate that love you.

Getting people to talk about you and recommending you will bring a lot of sales on autopilot for your Business. It will make people you’ve never reached out to via advertising to knock at your door to buy from you not once but several times.

A politician that can trigger Word Of Mouth Marketing will likely win the Election.

A consultant that can trigger Word Of Mouth Marketing will likely get more consulting Jobs than others.

A fish seller that can trigger Word Of Mouth Marketing will displace other fish sellers and make more sales.

Whatever you do, irrespective of how petty it is, you can make people start knocking at your door to buy from you.

However, you must know how to use Word Of Mouth Marketing strategy to your advantage, if not it won’t work for you.

And that’s the purpose of this particular article, to share the Tested Strategies that can help you trigger word of Mouth Marketing.

Right now, I want you to pick up your notepad and pen or even your phone writing app such as Evernote, Google docs, etc . Have you done that? Yes, you have.

Well, the exercise you’re about to do is important.

So, here is the function of the notepad.

Write 5- 10 closest Persons close to you?


Write 5- 10 people you can trust with your heart.

Have you done it? I believe you’ve done so.

Now, imagine you need a product and any of these people recommend a product they’ve used for you, Will you go ahead to buy it? Of course, you will. Why? You trusted them.

There’s a high probability that you’ll consider buying the product they recommend first before you think of buying the one you saw online.

You see, we all want the best deal, so when a friend or family recommends a product or service to us, we tend to stop thinking and follow suit in buying what they recommended.

You see, REVIEWS from people that have used your product can SKYROCKET the sales of your product especially if it is coming from close friends or family members.

Here is an example, one of my friend’s laptop was stolen recently and he planned to get another one.

Guess what he did? He started asking people reviews about their laptops and even go online for reviews about the laptop.

Why? He has deep trust in the word of mouth of friends to make the best choice of laptop.

The best thing you can do for your business is to make people start talking about it even in your absence, without seeing your ads, etc.

Let me tell you another short story. (It really convey my thought on what I intend sharing)

Let’s get started. Shall we? Ok. Yes, we can.

A few months ago, I bought a phone accessory for my Phone (Oraimo Charger precisely). The charger was super fast for my phone that I started talking about the effectiveness of my charger almost everywhere I go.

Guess what happened next? My friends started requesting to buy this charger.

And most of them eventually get the charger. In fact, I had to help with buying a charger for one of them.

Guess what?

My friends started talking about the charger too (after they used it) and a lot of people bought the charger just because they talked about the effectiveness of the charger.

What started with me talking about the charger becomes a revolution that a lot of people key into.

I was giving Oraimo FREE ADVERT and they don’t even know I’m talking about them everywhere I go to. (I’m sure you might even check them out since I’m talking about it right now)

How did Oraimo make me start telling others about their product without them paying me a Dime?

How did they hypnotize me to become their brand advocate?

It’s simple. They’ve learned the Principles that trigger word Of mouth marketing and this automatically makes their customers their brand advocate. And they indirectly used the principle on me and it works.

And since we all think alike, the principle has worked on several people including you because I’m sure by reading this post you’ll check Oraimo Charger out when next you need a phone charger.

HubSpot shows that 75% of people don’t believe adverts, yet 90% trust suggestions from family and friends and 70% trust consumer reviews.

Word of Mouth Marketing will only work for you by doing something that will trigger it.

You must trigger it

What Are the Tested Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies :

  1. Offer Good Product/ Service:

    Nothing makes customers start talking about you like getting a value that exceeds the amount of money paid for your product. When you give people good product or offer good service, they’ll start talking about you and recommending you to others that need your product or service even without you telling them to do so. No one who uses I-phone or any Apple product doesn’t talk about it and recommends it. Why? Because they have a product that satisfies the need of their customers.

When customers are satisfied with your product, they become your PR agent that keeps establishing your credibility in your industry. And it will help you never to worry about your competitors while you make more money along the way.

Remember, my Oraimo charger Story earlier told, Oraimo offered me a good product that I can’t just help it than to start talking about them to my family, friends, and acquaintance. People feel they’re indebted to you when you offer them good product/ Service and the only way they can pay you back is telling others about you.

When you offer good service, people will talk about their experience with you and how it makes them better. A good book like my Book “How to Create Massive Result in Minimum Time” will be recommended to others after reading it. Why? It’s a good book on personal Leadership. I remember someone ordered 10 more copies after reading it.

People talk about the lessons they learned from the book, they share it on their social media; they reach out to me, that’s word of mouth marketing. It is one of the reasons some books make the Best Seller List. You can’t read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and not talk about it to your friends, you can’t read “Small Business, Big Money” by Akin Alabi and not tell others about it. Why? The contents in those books are Rich that you just can’t help it than to tell others about it.

I don’t pay people to talk about my Book, they voluntarily do. That’s the wonder of a Good Product. It makes people just keep mentioning your name or Business name.

I remember a story in the Bible, of a woman who Jesus give a superior product of telling her about herself, he revealed to her what She has never told Jesus. Guess what this woman did? She started telling others about Jesus, she wasn’t paid by Jesus but because Jesus offered her a good product, she becomes his advertisers. Jesus get thousands of customers just because he offered good service to that woman.

You see, word of mouth marketing can generate thousands of customers for your business. You should always ask yourself “How can you make your product or service better for your customers?”.  Evaluate how you can offer a better product or service. Think of value addition that will make people get blown away when they get your product or use your service. Always think about how to do something different via innovation. You’ve to be different in your approach to doing business. By so doing, they have no choice but to become your brand ambassador.


2. Ask for Recommendation:

Another way to generate Word of Mouth is by requesting that your customers review your product or tell their family and friends about it. Let’s be plain, some people won’t tell others about you or else you told them to do so. So, it is your responsibility to tell them.

Let’s make it more practical.

You: Hope you’ve gotten your orders right at your doorstep?

Customer: Yes, I have. Thanks so much. I really love them.

You: That’s good to Know. We’re always happy to put a smile on the faces of our clients.  We will like your friends and families to be our clients too and experience the best. Kindly recommend us to them. Thanks. And if you won’t mind, can we get their contact to follow up with them.

The truth is that 80% of them will recommend you via word of mouth if they really enjoyed your product.  Now, nobody will recommend you based on your request if they’ve not received good products or services for sale.

If you want to have more brand advocates for your business, then ask for more recommendation.

  1. Ask for Online Reviews:

I once attended a training and after the training, we were implored to give our review on the trainer ’Google My Business’ page. I gladly did because I really gained from the class. You see, you can also request that your customer share their experience doing business with you and your brand online and recommend you by writing reviews on your social media pages.

These reviews will surely be seen by those that visit your page and it’ll instill confidence in them to do business with you whether to hire your service or buy your product depending on the type of business you do.

There’s high probability people will still check you out online after a recommendation, then why not put your best foot forward by requesting for testimonials or reviews.

Reviews from previous customers sell you before you even try selling to anybody, it generates word of mouth and gives you free publicity.


4. Good Customer Service:

I  once read about a man who bought some books from Amazon but couldn’t get the book here in Nigeria. He messaged them and Guess what they did? They apologized for the inconvenience, send him another set of books through another courier service and even ask him to keep the books earlier sent when the book eventually arrive.

Guess what he did after that day? He started telling people to buy books from Amazon including those that have always been afraid of buying from Amazon. Just imagine how one satisfied customer becomes their brand advocate.  And of course, this will lead to an increase in their income and profits. Interestingly, those new customers will also recommend Amazon to others in their tribe too.

A lot of business has poor customer relations and service and this has lead to a decrease in the rate of customer retention and how well they generate sales via word of mouth.  Nobody will talk about you to their family and friends when you haven’t treated them well. Word of mouth marketing can only be triggered when you treat customers like king and they see it to be so.

Having good products or offering good service isn’t enough, you must also have good customer service.  Customers must know that you genuinely show interest and love them. One way to do it is to be reachable when they need your attention on anything related to your business.

I used a savings app called Cowrywise, the savings app makes me more disciplined with my savings. Attached to their website is a chatbot that customers can utilize in reaching out to them. They literally reply to my message almost immediately except on very rare occasions.

What this does is that it builds the trust I have in them. As a matter of fact, I’ve recommended the app to a lot of people due to their accessibility and promptness.

Stop claiming you’re always right when you’ve issues with customers. Learn to apologize when you need to. Customers are king because, without them, you won’t make money in your business. Irrespective of the business you do. Have the mentality that you’re meant to serve your audience.

Your business strategy must include having a seamless sales process. You can also ask for feedback from customers on how you can improve customer service because nobody can determine how you are going to treat customers better than the customers themselves.

Receive honest feedback from customers and implement those that should be implemented.

Only a well-treated customer becomes Brand Advocate, not the other way round. Therefore, be more customer-centric in your business approach.


5. Use of Influencer Marketing:

I’m so sure you’ve read the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki? Well, one of what makes his book to reach a lot of people was because Oprah Winfrey endorsed the book. As a matter of fact, Oprah has made a lot of products popular including Apple Ipad. Ipad didn’t become a ‘Hit product’ immediately after it was released. The reaction of people to Apple products was mixed.

However, Oprah loved it and called it “number one favorite thing ever”.  Between October 2010 to the end of the year.  The sales of “Ipad moved from selling 8 million units to 14.8 million units. This is just a few out of several products she has made popular.  Influencers are powerful.

Let me make another example, David Beckham (Adee Phelan) former hairdresser was making $70 per week. Guess what happened after he makes hair for David Beckham?  Well, in his words “My business went up 3000 percent. I started charging €300 a haircut and you could not get a haircut in my salon for six months.”

As a marketing consultant, I’ve seen how people take action just because an influencer makes use of a particular product. People love to be lead by someone. So, they tend to copy Influencer. So, your goal going forward should be to connect to influencers that can become your Brand advocates by showcasing your product to their followers.


Here’s it, find a way you can serve or work with an influencer, if the influencer talk about your business, be rest assured your business will get more sales when the influencer become your brand advocate.


6. Keep Every Promise:

Another vital ways you can generate word of mouth marketing is by keeping your promise. If you promise a refund, kindly do so, if you promise free repairs, don’t hesitate to keep your promise.

If you promise a warranty, oblige to it. It’s better to under-promise and over-deliver than overpromise and under deliver. When customers see in you “Honesty & Integrity”, they’ll like to become your brand advocate.

Customers see unfulfilled promise as being cheated and being cheated means they won’t spread your message as they ought to. Make it an organizational culture to fulfill every promise you make to your customers and not some promises. Whatever promise you made to take risk away from customers should be fulfilled. Remember the amazon story I told earlier,  they now have more Brand Advocate just because they keep their promise. Be a promise fulfilling business. By so doing, you’re raising more Brand Advocate for your business.

7. Treat Employees right:

I’ve never seen better Brand advocates than those that work with you (or for you). A school that prioritizes the welfare of the teachers will likely get more students in the school.

Any business that prioritizes their workers’ welfare will surely generate more word of mouth marketing. Here’s it, when people are well paid, they will perform more and give their best which means you’ll have better client satisfaction and better client satisfaction will mean they’ll talk about your business well.

You’ve to motivate your workers so that all what they’ll say about you is positive. Stop seeing your workers as people who are lower but as co-travelers whose action and reaction can affect the growth of your business.

Your workers must be happy working with you and should be proud of your business anywhere they go. People trust your business when they receive good words from the workers because they believe they have more insider information about you. Therefore, we are safe to say that Employees are the best Brand Advocate.

8.Create a Referral Program:

When you give people the opportunity to make money or get some benefits by referring customers to you, they’ll likely talk more about your business. However, this strategy isn’t for every business and you must be strategic when using it.  People are motivated to Become your brand advocate when they’ve something to gain from you by talking about your product.  The referral doesn’t have to cost much, however,  it must add value to them and be something they’ll benefit from

So, here you have it? Which strategy are you looking forward to utilizing soon? Kindly share with me in the comment session.




Tested Strategies To Make People Rush Your Product And Get Sold Out

Rush Your Product

Do you want people to rush your product? Do you want to completely sell out all your Product or overbooked? In this article, I shared vital information that will transform the growth of your business. Using the content of this article, you’ll never worry about customers not buying from you.

Not just that, implementing just one lesson from this article will make people rush your product and your product will get sold out quickly.

But then, let me tell you a short story.

Interested in the story right? Of course, you are. Ok, I’ll tell you.

Recently, on my way back to Lagos from the festive break with my family in Ibadan,  I spent quite a long time at the garage before I could get a car to Lagos from Ibadan. I chose the park because it was quite close to where I reside in Ibadan.

It was frustrating staying at the park and yet no car was available. I really wish Uber or O’car is available for interstate travel. (That’s on a lighter note anyway). Or I’ve my personal Car already.

There were large numbers of people in the park and no bus was available. But here is it, when a car eventually showed up at the park. Guess what happened?

The price was quite exorbitant, far above the usual price. But, most of us still RUSH the car and willing and ready to pay the exorbitant fee. The Driver is happy and we passengers too are happy and money exchange hands.

Why did I share this?

You see, your goal as a business should be that people should be able to rush your product and not you begging them to buy from you.

You need to build a business where making sales is not a problem for you because ultimately, the extent of your sales will determine your profitability and longevity in business.

You need to build a business just like the Car Drivers that we rushed their product despite the high price. Your target audience should be able to rush to buy your product irrespective of the price even it’s EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE.

Nothing is cheap and nothing is expensive, it depends on who is buying and how you present your offer. The reason why people aren’t buying your product isn’t the price but due to two major factors.

  1. You’re offering the right offer to the wrong audience or
  2. Offering the wrong offer to the right audience.

If you can present the right offer in a structured way to the right Audience, be rest assured that people will rush your product as if you’re selling SEX to a Prostitute.

I don’t know if you did Economics back in secondary school but I did and one of the laws I was taught was Law of Demand and Supply.

But my focus is on the law of Supply. To paraphrase, it states the “The lower the supply, the higher the quantity demanded and vice versa. Now, that law doesn’t make much sense to me back then in secondary school until I started becoming a self-taught student of marketing.

If you can create a scenario that there’s is a low supply of what you sell, be rest assured that people will rush your product than ever before.

As a marketing consultant, I’ve seen this principle at work over and again. You’ve to create a fear of missing out if you want people to buy from you over and again. People don’t but products or services, they buy OFFERING.

If you get your offer right, then you’ll be fine. But if you get your offer wrong, you’ll struggle negatively.

One of what makes customer to buy from you quickly is when you create urgency for your products, in marketing, it’s called FEAR OF MISSING OUT and we’re going to be learning this strategy and by the end, you’ll be able to know  Tested Strategies that will make people rush your product, get completely sold out and even make people start begging to buy from you. So here we go:

  1. Limited Offer: When your customers know that there’s a limited offer for your product, they will feel more eager to take action.  Imagine this: We printed just  500 copies, what this means is that even if you’ve your money and the 500 copies are bought, you won’t be able to get the book and interestingly, this post you’re seeing is presently seen by another 1800 people. So, it’s better you take action and get your own copy. You see, there will be FEAR of missing out in most people that sees this and be eager to take action.


Here is another example, you can use as a call to action when utilizing Limited offer strategy, ‘We just have some beautiful new collections in our store, unfortunately, as much as we wish everybody get this, it’s not everyone that’ll be able to get it. This is because these quality bags and shoes are scarce and just 100 pieces are available. Therefore, it’s advisable to check it out and make your demand as soon as possible because in few hours, all the pieces might be all sold out COMPLETELY and we can’t ascertain when we’ll have these collections again.

Can you see this strategy in action?


  1. Limited Time: Timing is very important in business. Limited timing is another strategy that you can use to implement the fear of missing out on strategy. When people know that an offer is available for a very limited time, they’ll be eager to buy from you during that period. E.g we’re presently giving out this product at 0% discount and it’s only available for a very limited time. That means if you pay between now and next 5 days, you’ll pay just 30,000 as against 100,000 for this product. As you know, this is a time-sensitive offer and you need to take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts.

Here’s another example. “ There is a fast action taker massive bonus for you if you take action as soon as possible. And you’ll be blown away by the massive bonus we’re giving you if you are a fast action taker.  If you pay between now and January 15th, you’ll have access to this class for #30,000 but if you pay after January 15th, the training revert to its normal price of #50,000 you’ll pay a sum of #50,000”

When people see that there’s no deadline, they tend to procrastinate action on buying your product or service. As a matter of fact, most people take action on deadline day than on previous days.  Now, imagine there’s no deadline, the fact is that they might never take action. So, let all your special offerings be backed up by a deadline.

  1. Guaranty and Warranty: Another way to make people take action is by offering them Guarantee. People hate risk and as an Entrepreneur your job is to make buying your offer (Product or Service) less risky or no risk at all for the customers. This is because, if you successfully take risks away from your customers, they’re likely to make buying decisions almost immediately. And one of the most profound ways of taking risk away from customers is to provide them with guarantee such as Money Back Guarantee, free repair guarantee,


Here’s an example… If peradventure, you buy this product and make use of it and you feel it doesn’t worth every bit of the amount you pay, we guarantee you a 100 days money-back guarantee. What this means is that if after days that you’ve used this product and you feel it is a scam and you didn’t get the required result, you can request a refund and you’ll be paid your money without withholding anything back. In fact, you don’t have to give us the product and you’ll still get your money back from us.

Now, this strategy doesn’t work for all products so not all products can be completely sold out. It’s worthy of note that you must be sure you’re offering value and confidence in your offer to be able to make use of this strategy. And if peradventure, someone seek for a refund, kindly do so to fulfill your integrity.

  1. Offer Bonus: Offering a complimentary bonus is another way of getting customers to buy your product or service. Always try as much as possible to spice your offer with an incredible bonus. You see, a lot of people will buy your product not because of the products itself but because of other products that come as a bonus with the products. I’ve paid for a lot of expensive products not because of the product itself but because of an accompanying bonus. Here’s it, when you offer a bonus, people think they are getting the best deal doing business with you.  The bonus can be anything e.g. Free consultation, free access, free training, and other previous products, buy one get others free, etc. However,
  2. Offer Discount: Discount is another way to utilize the fear of missing out strategies. Though, most times, I discourage discounts because most people use it blindly. To make use of discount effectively, you must give reasons. When you give discounts often, people automatically assume the discounted price is the normal price. And often, they’ll wait till you announce that a discount is going on for them to buy your product. If you’ve to give a discount, then note the following: A)Don’t give a discount often.  B) Give your customers reasons why you’re giving the discount. When people know why you are giving the discount, they become even more motivated to take advantage of the discount you are offering.

Here is an application;

We’re presently selling at 50% off the normal price. That means we’re selling at 50,000 rather than #100,000. Why such a massive discount, you might want to ask? Well, we just strike a partnership with an international agency and they’ve promised to foot 50% of the bill while you pay the rest if you’re interested in the offer.  And it won’t last forever because they pay just for 10 people and once I get the 10 people, I’ll automatically close this offer (and will not feel bad because you were t5he one that didn’t take action when you are supposed to ).

So, here you have it, you’ve to takes to make people rush your product so go ahead and implement Do you’ve any questions? Kindly Ask.

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