How To Win Election In Africa.

Book: How To Win Election In Africa. 

Author : Chude Jideonwo &Adebola Williams. 

Reviwer: Mike Akintayo


I’ve always admired the Authors (Chude Jideonwo and Adebola Williams) and and what they do in their company at Red Media and StateCraft Inc

These are people who have through their works at Statecraft Inc help install three Presidents (Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal).

So, when I sighted their book in a bookstore, I had no choice than to get one for myself even though I never planned to. Read More

The Principles and Power of Vision

Book : The Principles and Power of Vision

Author : Myles Munroe

Reviewer : Mike Akintayo

You’ve probably heard the world “Vision” countless times. Or haven’t you ? Of course you have.

But here is the truth.

Most people are ignorant of the Principles and Power of Vision. Until you understand the principle of vision, you can’t make a difference. What will differentiate who you are today and who you’ll become in 5, 10, 15 years from now is the strength of your VISION. Read More

Overcoming Stagnation

Book Title : Overcoming Stagnation

Author : David O. Abioye

Reviewer : Mike Akintayo

One thing that isn’t normal in life is STAGNANCY. Being in the same state without moving forward.  It sucks. Stagnation leads to frustration and lost of one’s zeal for life.

This means that Progress should be for everyone. God created us a “Progressive being”. Unfortunately, a lot are still overwhelmed by stagnation. A lot are still where they use to be several years ago. Read More

The Monk who sold His Ferrari

Book Title: The Monk who sold His Ferrari

Author : Robin Sharmar

Reviewer: Mike Akintayo

I decided to read the monk who sold his Ferrari last year September after it was recommended by a friend.

The author used story to convey important principles. I guess that makes it more interesting and fun to read. If you’ve been bothered about self-discovery. This is one of the best books to read. Read More

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