Comparison Sucks.

Comparison Sucks.

Bola got married just last week.

Tolu’s marriage is now 2 years and some days old.

Bimbo bought a new Jeep last weekend.

I was surprised that some of our friends came around with big cars at Mike’s birthday celebration a few days ago.




What about Solan that traveled to Dubai last weekend just for relaxation and he is back home again this week.

Ikene got a high paying job with a multinational company, he gave his testimony in church.

I’m surprised by Kingsley too. I’ve always underrated him but interestingly he is making millions from his job.


God, why me?

Why is my case different?

Is it that some of us are destined for failure while others are destined to make it big? Now, stay with me.

Let me tell you a background story.

After Secondary school, I couldn’t pass jamb. Of course, you know that without Jamb, no university. Some of my mates passed and were admitted. I will always feel bad within just because I haven’t been admitted into a university.I drained myself of a lot of energy that should have been conserved.

Comparing myself to them wasn’t enough to get me admitted. The best comparison offered me was to drain me of my happiness at that time.

Today, I’m a graduate of the same University I wasn’t qualified to be admitted some years ago. The concept of TIMES and SEASON is ever valid. You see, the best route to mental and emotional suicide is comparing yourself to others.

Comparing yourself to others will make you commonize what you should be grateful for. You might not be where you want to be but the fact is that you’re not where you used to be 1-2 years ago.

You’re better now. You only need to connect the dots backward and I’m sure you’ll count your blessings. Resentment will make you feel bitter and cheated that you won’t enjoy the blessing today has to offer. The result of this Thinking is that you won’t enjoy the great things life has to offer.

You have to know that your life is different from others. Life is all about Time and season and class changed .A man who can’t afford to buy bread today might be able to afford building a bakery tomorrow.

Life is like that.

Stop comparing yourself to others. The fact that you’re not there today doesn’t mean you’ll never be there. You’ve not made your first million yet doesn’t mean you’ll never make one.

Stop putting yourself pressure while you neglect pleasure that should be enjoyed.

Class changes. You might not be able to afford first-class and live luxurious life today. It doesn’t mean it will be like that forever.

We’ve seen people move from zero to celebrated hero. If others can do it, you can too. Start seeing things this way instead of comparing yourself to others. You don’t have all the problems. you are not the least of all humans here on earth.

Be grateful where you are while you walk and work towards where you’re going. Chose to work hard and smart. Keep working. Keep sowing, you can never tell when your seed will fall on the good soil and yield a bountiful harvest.

Life might be testing your resolve, just keep striving. You’ll hit your gold soon.
But, Do away with the comparison. it will only drain you and hinder you from enjoying today’s happiness.


Life is too short not to enjoy every moment of it. Never let material things define who you are and how you feel.

So, it’s another beautiful day.

This is another opportunity to make a quantum leap.

Chose to make the rest of your life the best of your life.


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