10 Things To Do While You’re Expecting Your Big Break

10 Things To Do While You’re Expecting Your Big Break

10 Things To Do While Expecting Your Big Break

As a practicing Behavioral Therapist, I’ve seen issues that their root cause is Idleness. Most people often neglect the atrocities associated with being idle.

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend and the conversation was centered on “Idleness”. She shared her story with me and one of what she said was that “It was because I don’t have a job that I took LinkedIn seriously, it was then I discovered I love writing and develop my writing skill”.  Guess what? She got her present job just because she is good at writing.

Why did I share this story? I see a lot of people who are unemployed and all they do is to blame others (Government, Poor business policy, lack of certain privileges, how doing business in Nigeria is hard, etc). I see a lot of people blame others except themselves.

They enroll themselves into “The BLAME PARTY” and months and years down the line, they have little or no result that shows that their life is improving. You see, the fact that you’ve no job is not a prerequisite for Idleness. Having no job is an opportunity for you do something about it and peradventure even create jobs for others


You have to know that “It’s not what happens to you that matters but the interpretation you give to it”. If you give a good interpretation to not having a job, it will open you up to doing great and massive things. Joblessness doesn’t mean mindlessness. You have to get something doing. Why? Because the more you become idle, the more you become less effective and productive.

While growing up, there’s a common saying that says “An Idle hand is the devil workshop”. I’ve seen that true over and again.

Here’s the fact, Idleness reduces your creativity and productivity, it reduces your thirst for greatness and once you don’t have the thirst of greatness, poverty, lack and limitation are inevitable. Idleness makes you always think negativity rather than positivity.

That is why you need to do all it takes to get engaged in something. What God blesses is the work of our hands (irrespective of how little) not our Idleness.


Just like my friend, who started writing consistently on LinkedIn just because of she has no job. You never can tell, the little thing you engage yourself with will go a long way to help you better and move you forward in life.


Interestingly, we live in exciting times where anything can take you from zero to become a worldwide HERO. We’ve seen people who started their mega empire just by posting on social media.

We’ve seen people who get sponsorship Deals just because they’re addressing a need in their immediate society.  There are just a lot of possibilities in the little things you do daily. Now, imagine those people didn’t do the little things they’re doing, how will they move from penny to plenty?  In this century fast-tracked by technology, just anything can make you talk of the town.


The purpose of this post is to enlighten you to possibilities and share important ideas with you.

Here are my suggestions On What to Do While Waiting for Your Big Break:

  1. Acquire Skills:

Having skills is the new goldmine. This is the best time to arm yourself with the necessary skills that will shape your career and future. There are tonnes of skills that you can learn. And interestingly most of them you can learn it for free or cheap. There are two major types of skills, we have soft skills and technical skills. Soft skills such as emotional intelligence, communication skills, Teamwork, Adaptability, Problem-solving, Critical observation, Conflict resolution, Leadership, etc. Technical skills are the skills that are needed to perform specific tasks.

Both are very important because ultimately they will determine how well you’ll harness opportunities that come your way going forward.  There are tones of online courses that you can take. It’s the skills you have that will determine how valuable you’ll be during the course of your career. Rather than spending time on social media posting pictures or browsing through your newsfeed, utilize the same data to equip yourself with skills.

Sites such as www.udemy.com,www.edx.org, www.coursera.org, www.businessballs.com, etc have courses and resources you can pick up and learn from them. You can also choose to learn offline. Just arm yourself with skills.

2. Volunteering:

I’ve seen people who got their big break just by volunteering. Personally, volunteering has made a lot of way for me. Discover what you’re passionate about and chose to volunteer for any organization, group, or individual working towards addressing those challenges.


The world we live in has a lot of problems and some change agents and Non-Government Organizations are working towards addressing those problems. Interestingly, you’ll also build yourself while you volunteer. Volunteering gives you opportunity to change the world while still learning.  Volunteering gives you opportunity to connect with change agents around you, it improves your social and communication skills, gives you opportunities to utilize the knowledge you read up in a book or learn etc. Rather than being idle, identify a cause and volunteer to be a part of it.


3. Build Your Personal Brand:

This one might sound strange but it shouldn’t be because a lot of opportunities are associated with maximizing social media. When you build your personal brand, post consistently on social media, people see you as an expert and might even pay you for your knowledge and coaching service.

Posting consistently on finance will make people perceive you as a finance Expert, posting consistently on feminism will make people see you as Feminism Advocate. Interestingly, when you get consistent with the message you’re putting out there, a lot of opportunities will start opening up.

Also, we now have companies and businesses looking for content writers, you can choose to start writing content for companies or businesses.

We’re in the era of content marketing, when you’re consistent with posting some content on your social media, people will be eager to do business with you. Build a brand around what you love doing and you can always monetize it along the way.


4. Intern in a company:

Internship gives you the opportunity to gain experience, it’s not enough to learn, it is also important you know the practical aspect of what you learn. Most organizations love to take in intern to train them while some later retain their interns to become a member of their staffs. Seek out for internship opportunities.

Internship equips you with skills and most internship comes with payment of token. Rather than being idle, write to companies or reach out to them via social media to make known your desire to work with them.

You can utilize the opportunity to learn as much as you can and you can capitalize on those skills to apply to bigger and we’ll paying organization.


5. Work for Free or Cheap:

Working for Free or cheap is 200% better than being idle. Work for free for anybody doing what you love and you’ll be amazed by the resultant effect.

You’ll learn a lot in the process and what you learn stays with you forever. Also, you’ll have opportunities for some network that might eventually make way for you. So, rather than being idle, take a big step by choosing to work for free or cheap.

Mike Akintayo in his workspace

6. Start a business: 

I believe you can start a small business. Your delay might be because God wants you to build another empire. He wants you to be another employer of labor. Why? Because your Small business can grow to employ thousands of people.

So, start small and you’ll go big. Just don’t be idle. We’ve seen a lot of people build great businesses just because they couldn’t get the job they want.

7. Attend conferences, seminars, etc:

Waiting time is a time for personal development. Aside from the opportunities to network with quality people, another advantage is quality knowledge.

Conferences, workshops, etc helps to widen your perspective and gain valuable insight. There are tonnes of events that happen weekly. Check Eventbrite.com, find those that suit your need and go-ahead to attend. Don’t shame from paying to attend training too, don’t rely on free training alone. The best investment is the investment in yourself. Therefore, do all within your reach to invest in yourself.

8. Keep Godly Company:

“Evil association corrupts good manners” I can’t overemphasize that enough.

You’re salt of the earth and the light of the world, keeping bad companies will dim your light. Sieve your friends, be mindful of your Association. Keep quality friends because your friends can make or mar you. Keep friends that help you dream big and inspire you to be better not the other way round.

9. Read Books:

Books are a lifesaver. Get a book to read. There are free ebooks available online if you can’t afford paperback. Check pdfdrive.net, you’ll see valuable books to download. Keep reading.  Check out the nearest library and read a book, Don’t just read motivation books, read Business books, psychology, Science, etc.

Mike Akintayo showcasing his skills.

Mike Akintayo.

10.Draw Close To God:

I believe in the sovereignty of God. I believe drawing close to God is important during our trying times. Spirituality is still a strategy that shouldn’t be neglected. So, draw Close to God.


Save your older self from tears, maximize your youthful life and shun Idleness. Your dreams are valid if only you start living it.

Now, I want you to do this: Can you share with us:

  1. What’s your most valuable lesson in?
  2. What other things do you think can be a cure to Idleness.
  3. Why not share this post to reach several youths?

I can’t wait to see you conquer the world.



Michael Akintayo

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