Finding the Missing Cutlass; How God came Through For Me.

Finding the Missing Cutlass; How God came Through For Me.

It’s 3:16 am as I typed this, sited on a chair in one of the rooms in my Dad’s clinic.

Oh, never mind “I’m not here because I’m sick (though I’m still recovering from malaria) and Dad couldn’t spare me from taking 3 injections with one to go.

Mike Akintayo working from one of the rooms in the Clinic.

And No, I didn’t cry. Taking Injection without crying is one of those things that make you a real deal in my family.

For years now, I stopped crying while taking an injection. At least, to prove that if my siblings could do it( especially Christiana), then I won’t be left out.

I had the urge to share this story earlier today but I couldn’t.

I posted highlights of it on my Whatsapp status, praying time won’t be a factor against the full story.

You see, I took up a remote role recently as a Media Buyer in a marketing company and I’ve been having numerous challenges.  I’ve spent my weekends working and yet nothing fruitful came out of it.

Guess it’s one of those things life throws at us… Hopefully, I’ll face the challenges soon with determination to win and start getting the result I want to help the marketing agency achieve.

Let’s Hit The Nail On its Head.

In 2019, the United Nations Environment awarded me the “World Environmental Day Hero certificate”. The reason isn’t farfetched. I had organized an event celebrating World Environmental Day which is usually marked 5th of June every year.


I did this in partnership with the Young Africa Leadership Initiative (YALI), Citizen’s Centre for Justice, Leadership and Peace, & Reliable Tutors which is owned by a friend Mr. Henry. I got to know Mr. Henry from a friend I met during Nysc (Pelumi Moses but preferred to be called J.P Moses).

L-R Barrister Emmanuel Kuza ( Nasarawa State
YALI Coordinator & Founder, Citizen’s Centre FOr Justice, Leadership & Peace & Mike Akintayo

Guess this is an important lesson here (though this isn’t why I’m sharing this with you).  PARTNERSHIP OR COLLABORATION.

 Most of us prioritize Competition above Collaboration whereas it should be Collaboration above Competition . By collaborating, you compliment eachother and achieve greater things together. 

I couldn’t have done so much if not for the partnership with the three organizations. Being associated with them increases the visibility of the event I organized. Why? YALI is associated with the United States Embassy in Nigeria.  The lesson is seeking impactful collaborations a real deal in achieving success in Life and Business.

Months earlier before the event, I had been unanimously selected as the President of my Community Development Service Group (Environmental Protection And Sanitation CDS Group).

Corp Members During Sensitization on Air Pollution in celebration of The World Environment Day 2019.

So,  one of my project as the President is to organize the World Environmental Day, With permission of my Local Government Inspector ( LGI ), I lead all Corps members of Doma  Local government, Nasarawa State( where I was serving at that time)  to campaign against Air Pollution. This was in alignment with the 2019 theme of world Environmental Day which was “Beating Air Pollution”. We planted trees in different locations, donated trees, created awareness against air pollution, enlightened the rural communities on causes, effects, and solutions of air pollution, etc…

Earlier that day, I had borrowed 2 cutlasses for the tree planting exercise which was one of the major activities. One was a new cutlass collected from a woman who lives in my compound while the other I don’t seem to recollect where I got it from.

To take a guess, it’ll be from my friend’s House (John) or from our landlord’s mother who lived in another compound but shared the same boundary with ours.

We made use of the cutlasses during tree planting. It was a stressful day; we walked a long distance, dancing and taking pictures to create awareness about air pollution. Well, it was fun and impactful. I got so engrossed with other activities that I completely forgot that I had cutlasses under my watch.

Planting of Trees Exercise. Can you sight the cutlass that later got missing?

Anyway, it was time to go home after planting trees, donating trees, enlightening people, and light refreshments sponsored by Citizens Centre for Justice, Leadership, and Peace founded by Emmanuel Kuza who’s a Barrister and also doubles as our YALI Nasarawa State Coordinator.

Right there, it dawned on me that “I had misplaced the new cutlass”. I searched everywhere but all to no avail. We asked everyone around but none gave a positive response.  I had to accept this hurtful reality that “The Borrowed cutlass was gone”.

Of course, if the cutlass was mine, there won’t have been any need to worry. However, it was borrowed. Aside from the fact that it was new, I had a jewel to protect, which was my name.

It was such a bad way to end a fulfilled day. I went back to my lodge (provided by my place of primary assignment).  A blue-painted small room with a small window which you could easily mistake for a kitchen. I can’t still believe I stayed there for almost one year. (I’m laughing right now) .


My Friend John Came To Call 


Anyway, my friend John (who’s getting married in October) came calling around 5 pm. John is one of the most phenomenal people I met during Nysc.  He was older and I honestly think he’s wiser too.

He loves God and I think that makes a lot of difference. I hold him in high regard. We had earlier searched the market together before we head back home for the cutlass but it yielded no positive result.

He came because of the weekly Wednesday Prayer Meeting in his church.  It was Redeem Christian Church of God pastored by a Yoruba man who decided to stay back in Nasarawa State after serving.

I ‘m not a member of the church formally ( I attended Winners Chapel during my Nysc). However,  I was part of the prayer warriors of the church. Being part of the prayer warriors, we held our meeting once in a week (Wednesday specifically) to intercede for the church and also for ourselves.  Oh! Those memories will be forever cherished.

I followed Pastor John ( he’s not an ordained Pastor but that’s what I call him) to the church. The church is about 15 minutes walk to my house. I reluctantly prayed that I should find my missing cutlass when we were asked to request for what we want.

Oftentimes, the last prayer is usually a charge for us to pray for ourselves. However, as I prayed, deep within me “I knew I was praying that prayer for “praying sake” not because I believe God can answer the prayer. You know something’s you do reluctantly, just because you think you should.  Well, I already had plans to go to the market to buy another Cutlass.

One of those days with my friend John. One of the best gifts NYSC gave to me.

I narrated my ordeal to the pastor who insisted that I shouldn’t buy a new Cutlass, he promised to get me a new one from his school. (I think he’s in charge of labour in his school).  The Pastor teaches in one of the best schools in the local government (the school is owned by the Federal Government}.

Since he would pass by the market to his house. I decided to follow him in his car so that I can highlight the market and get a replacement for the cutlass. At least, it would be easier and more honorable to explain a missing cutlass when you already have a new cutlass in hand.  For some reasons, the pastor couldn’t stop at the market (not intentional),  I had to follow him to his wife’s shop which was like a stone throw to the market.

I ended up at the wife’s shops and spent some minutes there joking and playing with the kids. It was time to leave and head over to the market. I forgot to mention this; the market venue was the same place I lost the cutlass.


Getting Back To The Market for The Missing Cutlass


So, rather than going straight to buy the cutlass, I decided to visit the exact site we planted the trees. I met three men seated on a motorcycle relaxing and gisting, I narrated my ordeal that I had earlier led the team to the market for tree planting exercise but unfortunately, someone picked up the cutlass and I came to check if it was found when we left.I was disappointed when they said they didn’t find any. I was about moving on when a man walked by. They called the name of the man and asked him if he had found a cutlass earlier at the market square.

The man pointed to a nearby shop and said the owner of the shop picked it up. Looking towards the shop, I saw that the owner was about closing up the shop.

He was asked about the cutlass, Lo and behold He went into the shop and brought out the Cutlass. I couldn’t be more excited. GOD CAME THROUGH FOR ME.


Alot Of Questions On My Feeble Mind 


As I walked back to my lodge that day, a lot of thought ran through my mind. I kept asking myself.

Why do the Pastor mistakenly drove past the market rather than dropping me at the market? If he had dropped me at the right time, the man wouldn’t have passed by.

Why do the man pass at the exact time I was there?

Why hasn’t the man with the cutlass close his shop before then?

This can only be about being in the right place at the right time.  Only God could make that possible.

What if the 3 men weren’t there?

What if they didn’t ask the man passing by about the cutlass?

What if the man didn’t pass by?

What if the man has closed before the man passed by? A lot of “What If Question?’

God Came Through For Me 


The point is He came through for me. He made the right thing to happen at the right time just to ensure I found the missing cutlass.

You see, just like me who lost a cutlass, we all have moments in our lives when we lose something dear to us. And it could be people or things. It could be something that we treasure most.

And I know, those moments are tough and difficult. I know because I’ve been there.  It takes courage to keep up during this time.

But here’s it, God can come through for you. He can turn those hopeless situations into opportunities. He can transform your mourning and pain into unending victories.

Finding the missing cutlass looked impossible for me but God came through. He showed up in the middle of the storm. And guess what? It doesn’t matter how windy the storm is, what matters is how big our God is. If God can come through for me in small things like finding the missing cutlass, he can come through in big things too.


Nothing is too small or too big for God to handle. Yours might be to believe in God for your big break, God can come through for you.

Oh… I just remembered a song titled “reckless love” by Cory Asbury and a part of the lyrics goes thus:

“There’s no shadow You won’t light up
Mountain You won’t climb up
Coming after me
There’s no wall You won’t kick down
Lie You won’t tear down
Coming after me”

You can check up the song and download it. The message of the song is obvious “No mountain is too big for God to make valley for your sake”. No condition is too hopeless for God to turn around. No worries are too big for God to turn to testimonies…

What exactly is the storm you’re passing through?

What’s that gigantic mountain?  God can come through for you. If God can come through for the Israelites, I’m sure he won’t leave you behind.

I don’t know if it was the prayer I prayed during the prayer warriors meeting that got answered. But, if it was, I honestly didn’t pray the prayer with faith. Does that mean sometimes God doesn’t need our faith or our prayers to prove that he answers prayer? I honestly think so.

Another Scene Of God Coming Through For Me 


Now, as I write this I remember another scene of my life when God came through for me. I used to have this wild dream of becoming a footballer. I was very young. I should be around 12 or 13 years old around that time.

In one of the training days, it was a special and intense training. After the training, I could hardly and my house was far from the training ground.  And to make it worse, I had no money to transport myself home.

I was almost in tears as I walked out of the training venue. My friend who was like a big brother couldn’t help either. He had no dime on him to transport us home.

We eventually got to the entrance of the training ground and I prayed some silent prayers within. Guess what?  God showed up for me. I sighted one of our neighbors passing by with his motorcycle.

Of course, I shouted at the top of my voice, and fortunately, he heard me. That was my saving grace. He dropped me right in front of my house. He was saying “How would you have gotten home if you didn’t see me”. My answer was obvious “ I do not know”.

I honestly think God answers some prayers before we pray them. Why do I think so? Well, I guess God divinely made him pass through that route because of me. It was in the twinkle of an eye that I prayed and I saw him riding past me.

The truth is I’ve never seen him along that route before and after that day. I’m sure it wasn’t the same time I prayed that prayer God answered the prayer. God knew I’ll need help before then and God instructed him to pass that route because of me. Little wonder, the scripture says “He knows the end from the beginning”

One of those days in Doma Local Government, Nasarawa State with My friend John

So, irrespective of what you’re trusting God for… Keep believing while you work. Believe God can come through for you.

Believe God will glorify himself and come through for you. He won’t put you to shame. He won’t lead you astray.

It’s a long read but I hope it was worth spending your precious time on. I hope God has communicated something to you.  I hope your encounter with this blog post has blessed you and make you better.

It’s been a while I’ve written from the heart like this but I’m happy I’m doing this.

I would like you to drop a comment that you’ve read this post.

Do you’ve anything to share as regards this post, kindly drop your comment below?. Looking forward to hearing from you.







Michael Akintayo


Taiwo Apadidun Posted on7:17 am - July 9, 2020

Most times our restlessness is as a result of our ignorance,doubt or unbelief in God.

But because of God’s loving kindness he’ll always come through for us.

Thank you for sharing this inspiring piece.

Kehinde Joseph (paskenny) Posted on8:10 am - July 9, 2020

Even at the hopeless situation, God is always coming through and never too late. This piece is a water to a thirsty soldier on the battlefield of life.

Solomon Jacob Posted on8:21 am - July 9, 2020

I can relate to this story… I have had experience were it happened for me just as you explained.

Moses Pelumi Joseph Posted on12:07 pm - July 9, 2020

Wonders is what God does, sometimes and most times we don’t even understand his work, misery is what it’s called… Thanks for sharing with us this experience, I am highly encouraged by your testimony. We will keep trusting God, keep being amazing bro.

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