How To Use ” Exclusivity Strategy” to sell Your Product, OUTSELL your Competitor and Make So much Money Even If you’re struggling to Get Customers Right Now.

How To Use ” Exclusivity Strategy” to sell Your Product, OUTSELL your Competitor and Make So much Money Even If you’re struggling to Get Customers Right Now.

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Do you want to learn How to Use “Exclusivity Strategy” to sell Your Product, OUTSELL your Competitor and Make So much Money Even If you’re struggling to Get Customers Right Now?


Well, what I’m about to show you will make people start begging you to take their money.

You want that right? Of course, you do.


But that’s not even all.


It will make you sell more in less time.


Love that right? Well, that’s not all.


It’ll make you have people queuing up to do business with you instead of you begging them to come.


Guess what?


Even if you’re presently struggling to get customers, this Strategy will be a game-changer for you.

And it doesn’t matter which business you do. Whether you’re into real estate, consulting, manufacturing, health etc.

Well, it comes with one condition.

And the condition is simple.


Here’s it.


It will only work for you if you implement this Strategy. So, it’s not about if it will work for you or not. It’s a matter of if you’ll take action. It’s your action that will validate what you are about to read. If you take action, I’m so certain your business will start doing better than it has ever done. You’ll start getting more people eager and ready to get your product.




Let’s get started. But, I need to ask you a question and the question is that:  Have you seen diamond today?


Maybe in the last 1 month?


Or the last 3 months?


There’s a high probability you’ll give me a NO.




They’re exclusive and SCARCE. Well, that’s why they’re expensive.

It’s because they’re scarce, that’s why they’re expensive. They’re not popular everywhere like stones. If they were everywhere, they won’t be as valuable and expensive as they are.


Few people complain or bargain about the price of diamond and other luxurious goods because they know whatever the price tag, it worth the price.


Let me break your bubble. Should I? Oh, you’ve given me the permission.  Well, there’s a science and strategy behind it. If you as an Entrepreneur can utilize this strategy, you’ll get the same result.


This Strategy is simple ECONOMICS. Did you remember the Law of Demand and Supply?  You were taught in Secondary school. You remembered right? Maybe or Maybe Not”.


Well, I will remind you.


Here’s it.


It states that “The LOWER the SUPPLY, the higher the QUANTITY DEMANDED and the HIGHER the SUPPLY, the lower the QUANTITY DEMANDED”.


Which means when a product or service is scarce or short in supply, people are likely to Rush towards it.


This is how Demand and Supply works.


You see, when the demand exceeds the supply, the supply becomes more valuable. But when the supply is unlimited, only the lucky seller will have the money and that’s a bad strategy. Waiting for luck to come before you sell is a sure path to frustration.



You see, as a business, you have to know that the amount of money you will make is guided by demand and supply principles.


When Demand exceeds supply, you will surely make more money. When demand for your good and services exceed what you can supply then you have WIN big. At this point, people will start begging you to even sell to them rather than begging them to buy from you.


And one of the best ways to do this is to build EXCLUSIVITY in what you are offering. When you build EXCLUSIVITY, you’ll surely have more people demanding for your product or service.


I want to show you some demand and supply forces.


Just imagine that 50 people need your product and you are the only one available that they can buy from, will you have problem getting them to buy from you? Of course, you won’t. Why? Because demands exceeds supply. Even If you raise your price, a lot of them will still buy from you.


Also, Imagine 10 people want to buy a BUGATTI but only 3 are available, will the seller have a problem finding buyers and making money? Of course, NO. Why? Because the demand exceeds supply.


Have you ever been somewhere where something is auctioned? And the highest bidder gets it. That’s the Principle of Demand and Supply in action. Thousands of people striving to get a particular product will lead to effortless sales.


Let me explain further with this example..


Warren Buffet has a private charity lunch with someone annually; the highest bidder for the lunch will have access to Warren Buffet along with seven friends to learn about his biggest investment deals and advice.


In 2019, the highest bidder who chose to be Anonymous paid $4,567,888 just to have lunch with Warren Buffet. That’s a whooping #1,660,427,288 (One billion, Six hundred and sixty million, Four Hundred and twenty-seven thousand, two hundred and eighty-eight naira) when converted to naira.


It was later reported that the winner Justin Sun is a 28 years old founder of a Cryptocurrency company founder,  Tron. 2019 lunch bid with Warren Buffet received 18 bids from five bidders.


It’s a disadvantage if your customers see or perceive your product as something they can get just anywhere and anytime. Your difference is your superpower.


Most people bid for a lunch with Warren Buffet because they perceived what they will gain from him can’t be gained everywhere. That’s Principle of EXCLUSIVITY.


People pay huge sums to Experts because they believe they can’t get the knowledge or quality of service just anywhere. If people don’t perceive you that way, then you won’t be able to make a lot of money in your business.


Your goal as an Entrepreneur is to make people stop seeing your product or service as something they can get anywhere to an EXCLUSIVE product/ Service they can get only from you.


Here’s  How to Use “Exclusivity Strategy” to sell Your Product, OUTSELL your Competitor and Make So much Money Even If you’re struggling to Get Customers Right Now: 

1. Be Exclusive Great with what you do:

You see, exclusivity comes with excellence. If people will demand for your product more than you can supply them, then you must be extremely good at what you do. Excellence is lacking in the business world which means few entrepreneurs that go the extra mile to deliver a “wow’ experience will surely make more money than those that do business just like everybody else. When you value excellence and deliver excellently anytime people encounter your product or service, they will do all it takes to keep you. Nothing trumps excellent service delivery in business. No strategy can make excellent irrelevant. Always ask yourself how can I deliver more excellently?

2. Be Exclusively Different:

What can you do for your clients that very few or even nobody can do? So, you need to create some kind of differentiation for yourself – your brand, business, products, and services. This is the strategy used by Elon Musk for his car Cybertruck. The car has some differences from conventional cars and it is argued that he has received about 250,000 preorders for cybetruck. Your differentiation might be in your product or in your service delivery. What can you do differently should be one of your burning questions to use the exclusivity strategy.

3.Limited Supply:

This is what I call the scarcity strategy. You must know how to use “Scarcity Strategy” to sell your product especially Highly Priced Product or service. Scarcity Strategy helps you sell more in less time and also helps overcome “Buyers Objection pattern” to a quantifiable extent.


I used this often in my copies as a copywriter. Here’s just one way you can inject “Scarcity Strategy” to sell your product. Let me explain better.  Imagine, you’re selling a particular product. Maybe a Wristwatch. You can use this:  “Just to let you know, Only 30 pieces of this Wristwatch are available. What this means is that despite being interested in this watch, if delayed you might not be able to get it. Why? Because as you see this, 100 more potential customers are seeing it which means only “FAST ACTION TAKERS” will have this watch. And of course, you won’t want to be the person to miss out on this premium watch”.

So, the earlier the better. Place your order right now and be among the exclusive 30 who will rock this watch”.

Here’s another way:

Maybe you’re selling a Coaching Service. Use this: “As you know, as much I wish, I can’t work with everybody. I have just one life and just 24 hours in a day just like you. So, this opening is open just for 5 people. Once I get the 5 people, I won’t be able to take up anyone even if you’ve your money. So, it’s solely your responsibility to take action now to avoid stories that touch the heart.

The truth is that people who really WANT what you sell will take action and demand for your product or service.

Remember, it’s simple Economics, “the Lower the supply, the higher the quantity demanded.

Figure out how you can inject exclusivity strategy in your offering and people will rush your product.

Do you find value in this post; Let me know in the comment section.



Michael Akintayo


Ruth Oyeleke Posted on6:05 pm - February 15, 2020

Yes, thanks, this post is valuable, I’ll work on it Mr Michael, great job!

    Michael Akintayo Posted on7:23 pm - February 21, 2020

    You’re welcome. We’re happy you find it useful.

Seamedbykore Posted on7:53 pm - March 31, 2020

Really nice.. thanks for sharing

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