How To Use ‘FREE” As A Strategy To Skyrocket Sales Of Your Products And Service and Make Massive Profit

How To Use ‘FREE” As A Strategy To Skyrocket Sales Of Your Products And Service and Make Massive Profit

Just need to ask you, if I could show you how to make more profit just by using something as simple as “FREE” as a strategy, how happy will you be?


Very happy right? I know.

Knowledge they say is power, now imagine me giving you what will give you power over your competitors, and instead of COMPETING like you used to do, you start DOMINATING and of course, make more money.


In a moment, I will be exposing you to a strategy you’ve not been paying attention to. And by making use of it, one thing is sure. You will attract more people that will buy from you over and again.

Just as you know, Human beings (including you) love FREEBIES. Free food, free Book, free ride etc.

Once we hear FREE, we automatically shift our attention from any other thing and concentrate on what is available for FREE.

The truth is that we all love to reap where we didn’t sow.  Maybe not directly, but we love it.

That is why politicians give FREE food (rice, Tomato paste, etc), FREE money, Free Skill Acquisition, etc towards election and people forget about their awful past and still go-ahead to vote for them for another 4 Years.


But, why do we love free things?


Because you have nothing to lose. It doesn’t cost you a dime. It saves you money and stress.  You see, by just including the word “FREE” in your marketing strategy, you can OUTPERFORM & OUTSELL others and make more money. You just have to figure out a way to utilize it.



The more you understand the power of FREE, the more equipped you are to DOMINATE in any market you find yourself.

Obviously, if you read this till the end you’ll learn how to effectively use it. The truth is that irrespective of the business you run, you can use this strategy.


Are you ready? Yes, you are.


  1. Buy this get That Free:

This is a very good strategy, especially for Digital products. Imagine putting out one of your online courses for sale and accompanying it with a FREE copy of one of your e-books.

The truth is that some people will pay for your course just because of the free e-book attached to it. You can offer a couple of your products and offer a free gift along. Let me make an example, maybe you just moved to a new location and there’s no electricity stability and one of the booming businesses is Phone Charging.

Of course, one of the businesses you can start is the business of Phone charging. All you need to do is to open a shop and put someone there to oversee it. Your main marketing strategy could be “Charge 2 phones, get one free”. Several people will leave their previous customers just to enjoy your FREE phone charging.

or make  “5 designs and get one free”. You get my point? Of course, you did.


2. Free Delivery:

By just promising your customers free delivery of your product to their doorstep will make them buy from you. This means that they don’t have to waste time dressing up, stressing themself to walk to the junction to take a bike, waste money to pay the bike man, they’ll have time to focus on other things etc.

One of my mentors used this strategy in his gas station. Rather than coming to the station to get your gas-filled, they offer FREE home delivery to you. Of course, you already know this strategy makes him the king among all those doing the business in his state.

3. Get this Book Free, pay only for shipping:

You see, I was a victim of this strategy. It was used by the great funnel hacker “Russell Branson” to sell his book “Expert Secrets”, I ordered the book and pay for the book shipping for a little above #5000.

This is one of the strategies used by Africa’s foremost copywriter “Ronald Nzimora” to sell his book “Sell Your Brain”(By the way, you need to read that book). I don’t know how this works but it sure works. You can figure out how it works and implement it.

4. Free Repair in case of any fault:

This helps you build trust in your brand. It also communicates to your customers that you’re confident of the product you’re putting out for sale. I believe you should pay attention to this if you’re in the engineering or Tech niche. Tecno established Carlcare centers across several locations where you can easily repair your phone for FREE during the warranty period so far the problem isn’t from you.

This simple strategy has made several people buy Tecno or Infinix phones. if you sell gadgets, you can chose to offer.

5. Offer Free Bonus:

Offer Bonus along with your product or service. Countless times, I have paid for books and courses not because of the books or courses itself but because of the FREE BONUS attached. If the bonus were not included, I might not have put out my hard-earned money to purchase them.


6. Free Webinar:

Webinar is Web +seminar. Meaning organizing a free seminar on your products or services can make you money. Offering free WEBINAR will attract a lot of attendants to your webinar. After the webinar, you offer your product for sale. I’ve seen this used countless times.

However, make sure you give value during the webinar. The value you give during the webinar will determine if people will respond to your Offer of not.


7. Take this product and try for Free:

Giving out your product for customers to use for sometimes for them to test before paying works like magic. LinkedIn allows you to use the premium version of the app for free before charging you.  The truth is that after experiencing the amazing function of the premium version of the app for sometimes, there is a high probability that you’ll pay for it.

There is always an opportunity to play a Demo version of a game before you’re told to pay. Why? Because your experience with the FREE version will make you fall in love that you’re ready to pay for it. You can use this strategy to sell software, Cars, etc.


8. Free Consultation:

Offering as small as Free 15 minutes consultation can make you convert confused prospects to a loyal customer. Just make sure you put your best foot forward, if the custoduirmer sees you as someone capable of helping him or her, you will surely make money in the back-end.

9. Offer Lead Magnet for Free:

This is often used by Internet marketers to capture the email addresses of website visitors. By offering lead magnet for free and getting an email address in return, you can easily nurture your relationship and later sell your products to them in the back-end.

By now, I am sure you’re really pumped up seeing different ways you can use FREE as a strategy in your business. However, I must warn you at this point that never give a promise you won’t fulfill. You can only succeed in fooling people once and lose them forever.

However, I will advise you to keep your promise and have them forever. Brand promise is very important.

So over to you, what other ways do you think FREE can be used as a strategy in business?





Michael Akintayo

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