How To Win Election In Africa.

How To Win Election In Africa.

Book: How To Win Election In Africa. 

Author : Chude Jideonwo &Adebola Williams. 

Reviwer: Mike Akintayo


I’ve always admired the Authors (Chude Jideonwo and Adebola Williams) and and what they do in their company at Red Media and StateCraft Inc

These are people who have through their works at Statecraft Inc help install three Presidents (Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal).

So, when I sighted their book in a bookstore, I had no choice than to get one for myself even though I never planned to.

This book is the best book to read especially if you’re interested in Leadership, activism, social engineering   and politics.


I love the fact that they used a lot of data in the book.  I wonder how long it takes to do a thorough research that brought about such Data based book.

The authors establish the fact that to win election you must move beyond telling the citizens what you’ve done but you’ll do. People want leaders with vision, and they are ready to support you if only you can make them see a vision of where you’re leading them to.  One of the reasons why President Good luck Jonathan lost 2015 election just because majority of his campaign was based on what he has done for Nigerians.

It shows that one of the most important factors in winning election is the candidate. The way people perceive the candidate will determine if they will vote a candidate or not.

People’s perception of President Buhari as “INCORRUPT” is one of the reasons he won his election in 2015.  Aside the citizens, the candidates come next in a democratic process.

It also examines some important factors about politics.  One of which is money. Money matters in electioneering process but not as we think it does.

Once the role of money passed the baseline, it hinders creativity. Hillary Clinton spend almost twice as President Donald Trump but she lost. Jonathan of Nigeria spent more money than President Buhari in 2015 election too.

It states why Politicians shouldn’t betray the trust the citizens have in them because citizens have the right to install and to remove through the voting process.

Most politicians get it wrong because they often think they are doing citizens a favour by representing them. Politicians must be humble and efficient  enough, if not,  they’ll send them packing.

It also shows how Electoral bodies in Africa is beginning to matters.  See cases of Gambia and Zimbabwe. Electoral bodies are beginning to show that they’re really independent.

It quote Obi Ezekwesili that the most important office is the office of the Citizens. Not office of any politicians (including the President) and politicians should respect that. And therefore, citizens  shouldn’t be seen as irrational when they vote  certain people to lead them.

The book also examines the role of  persuasion, message,  media,  political  instinct, authenticity,  youths, Psycho-graphics, demographics etc. in election in Africa.

The book is 280 pages long including the references.


I enjoyed and learned alot from it.  It’s a book you should add to your Book list.


Is there any book you think I should review soon, peradventure I’ve read it. ?


Happy Sunday.


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