One Most Important Hack You Need To Succeed As A Young Person

One Most Important Hack You Need To Succeed As A Young Person

One most important hack you need To Succeed As A Young Person.
I am about to share with you One most important hack you need To Succeed As A Young Person. Will you really like to know? of course, you’ll.
Let’s get started.

You’re a stranger irrespective of where you are coming from when you get into a new location. Getting to my new location, I was a stranger to everybody except my cousin.
So, anytime I’m asked who are you?
Or If any need arises that I introduce myself, I don’t introduce myself first as Mike Akintayo.
Oftentimes, I introduce myself as a younger brother to Luke (My cousin). This breaks every objection against me.
I’m just a nobody to them.
I’m just a fucking stranger who they can’t trust…
However, they knew my cousin quite well. He has stayed there for more than 20 years. The same respect they accord him is the same respect I’ll be given because they knew him quite well and I’ll always leverage on our relationship.
For example, I needed something from our neighbor last week.
But then, they didn’t know anything about me. I approached them, knocked and introduced myself as Luke’s younger brother. I was handed over what I needed immediately. If I had introduced myself as Mike Akintayo. the next question would have been ‘From where?’
However, by introducing myself as his younger brother, they automatically trusted me that I meant no harm to them.
Till everyone get familiar with me, I’ll continue to introduce myself as his younger brother.
That brings me to a very important point which is “MENTOR-SHIP”
Mentorship is very key when you’re new or just starting. Mentorship gives you leverage. When starting anything, you’re just a dwarf who is shortsighted but mentorship will make you see beyond your present scope or perspective.
Mentorship gives you access to tools, resources, relationships that ordinarily you won’t have access to.
Mentorship allows you not to make costly mistakes. It allows you to learn vital lessons very fast.

One Most Important Hack You Need Too Succeed As A Young Person


This is the picture of Ezekiel Solesi and myself. Ezekiel Solesi is a Business Strategist and one of my highly esteemed mentors.

Whatever you’re starting, you have to know that certain people have weathered the storm and have learnt what it takes to pull through and it is wise you learn from them.
Have you ever wondered why Richard Branson is so successful?
Maybe you don’t know Richard Branson. Well, he is the founder of Virgin Airways.
One of the reasons for his success in the airline business is mentorship. Richard Branson was mentored by Sir Frederick Alfred Laker. Sir Frederick Alfred Laker founded Laker Airways in 1966 but went bankrupt in 1982.
Frederick laker was unsuccessful in the airline business but mentored Sir Richard Branson. He shared his experience that contributed to his failure in the airline business with Branson and Branson learned valuable lessons on how not to do airline business.
As much as it is necessary to learn how to do business, it is also necessary to learn how not to do business. That’s by the way.
Mentors are keys that unlock certain doors.
Isaac newton was attributed to have said: ” If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giant”.
Mentors are the giant. You need them to rise to the peak of your career fast enough rather than struggling.
There is no point having horrible experiences when you can learn from the mistakes of those that have traveled farther than you’ve done
Mentors are there to teach you lessons that are valuable to your growth.
What area of your life do you need growth?
The hack is mentorship. Get mentors in those areas and you will be amazed about how much you’ll learn in a very short time.
You’ll be amazed that what looks like a mountain to you seems so because you’ve not received superior information from Mentors.
Do you want to succeed as a young person? Then get valuable mentorship.
“In all getting, get mentorship” Nuff Said.
Now, over to you. I need to know “How has mentorship helped you to achieve your goals?







Michael Akintayo

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