Overcoming Stagnation

Overcoming Stagnation

Book Title : Overcoming Stagnation

Author : David O. Abioye

Reviewer : Mike Akintayo

One thing that isn’t normal in life is STAGNANCY. Being in the same state without moving forward.  It sucks. Stagnation leads to frustration and lost of one’s zeal for life.

This means that Progress should be for everyone. God created us a “Progressive being”. Unfortunately, a lot are still overwhelmed by stagnation. A lot are still where they use to be several years ago.The book focus is on how progress can be made. The author using biblical principles and examples simplify how anyone can overcome stagnation and move forward in life.

He explained that God want us to make advancement in our Spirit, soul, and Body.

The author shows that all progress in life is initiated. You can’t just make progress doing nothing but by doing something. Nothing will make you progress from where you are to where you want to be except you initiate it.

And how can you initiate progress?

You have to have the desire to make progress. Desire is what determines what you want. You must have a desire and make decision that you must overcome stagnancy .

Our Decision defines who we are. However, every decision has Responsibilities attached to it.

This means that you must be ready to take responsibility for every decision you make. Only those that accept responsibility make progress in life.

The author noted that it takes ” Will” and not mere “Wish” to overcome STAGNANCY. Will is having a “must do” mentality. You must have a strong determination to really make progress.

I love the part where he said “Men of Will only talk about how near they are to where they’re going rather than how long they have gone on the journey”.

He warned against the danger of  excuses  as no excuse is strong or good enough to stop you from making advances.

Excuses shows that you’re celebrating your circumstances rather than using them as stepping stones to your progress.

Also, one of what makes people stagnated is lack of Vision. Vision is the pacesetter to progress and we must all have vision for our life. He shared the ” How” in the book too.

He shared on the necessity of courage and Divine Direction as a criteria for progress. Yielding to God’s direction is the greatest asset of progress. Divine Direction helps you avoid a lot of pitfalls.

He pointed out the role of prophecies. There is a prophecy link in overcoming stagnation. All what is needed Is faith to activate prophecies.

I love the fact that the books contains a lot of faith building testimonies of people who have overcome STAGNANCY.

What this communicate is that if some set of people can overcome STAGNANCY everyone can too inasmuch you apply the principles of the book.

So, this is a book worth reading.


©Mike Akintayo.


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