How to Create Maximum Result in minimum time


How to Create Maximum Result in minimum time

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” …This is not a book to read once and put on the shelf, but rather one to read in the morning, read before sleeping at night, go to the toilet with, read while at dining table…until the ideas in it are fully ingrained into the subconscious”. – Fabiyi Ifeoluwa B.(Writer and Transformational Speaker)



So here are few of the numerous things you’ll discover in my book:

  1. The “SIMPLE EXERCISE” you should start doing with your Experience (Good or bad) that will make it worthwhile. By using this strategy, you’ll maximize your experience and never see your experience as a disadvantage again.
  2. One MAJOR reason why you should fail early. I mean why you should start FAILING right now and stop Playing safe. By being exposed to this one reason, you’ll be able take important steps that will lead to QUANTUM LEAP in all areas of your life.
  3. Why You should start paying SERIOUS ATTENTION and start taking Your Relationship with People Serious. This secret has helped people move from ZERO to HERO, from Nobody to Somebody, from Valley to the MOUNTAIN TOP.
  4. One COSTLY MISTAKE you should never make in a relationship (Relationship with friends, mentor, spouse,  God etc.)  . This COSTLY MISTAKE has ruined several relationship including relationships that was the TALK of the Town when it started. It has sent many relationships to their early Grave include relationship people envy and admire. By knowing this costly mistake,  you’ll be able to Avoid it and do things differently.

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  1. Akinola Felix

    Mike Akintayo is a very intelligent friend of mine who is highly skilled in content creation and writing.
    The CV he wrote for me was what gave me my first Job.
    His book titled “Maximum Result in Minimum time” had really blessed me in setting goals and making top priorities which had expand my views of life.

    He is a great listener,a confidant and an inspiring leader

    Akinola Felix
    Digital Marketing Strategist

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