What you’re about to read could be a game changer for your life.

It could all what you need to make a remarkable difference in your world.


It could be a piece specially made for you.


It could be what will quench the thirst of your heart.




Read it. Don’t ignore any part of it.  Digest it.

You’ve probably heard or read about a man called Martin Luther King Jr.


You’ve heard of his exploits as a Social Activist.


You’ve heard of his famous “I have a dream” speech


You’ve heard of his role in stopping discrimination against blacks.



Just because of his role -America now has a former President who is a  black man.



But here is what you may never Know;



Why?  Because it isn’t popular.



But Wait!



Will you like to know?  Yes,  you will.



Here is it?



Matin Luther King did not set out as a civil right leader, all he wanted to become was a college President and a Pastor.






The tide changed. He was nominated to be the leader of a group and that was how his journey to civil right activities started.




Now,  I want you to connect the dots with what you’re about to read.



It is a saying of Pastor T. D Jakes. He said “If it is not the thing,  it will lead you to the thing”  (Read it again)




Let me share another story.



If I didn’t dive into School politics back then in school ,  I might not know about (Or discover) my writing prowess.



It was during this period that I had to write daily broadcast to people just to enhance my visibility.



From there. I discovered my love for writing and I dive into other things.


Now. I don’t know if I will ever be a politician after school but my ACTIVE participation in School politics reveal a part of myself to me.



I didn’t receive a revelation that Mike,  Develop your writing skills but by doing something quite different (School Politics) , I fell in love with writing.



In summary,  Politics led me to another part of me…



Here is another example.


Fela Durotoye, might never have thought of contesting for the President of Nigeria but as he journeyed he find a need to connect the wrong and decided to RUN FOR A NEW NIGERIA…



Whatever his past is,  it has in one way or the other connects to him running for President Of Federal  Republic of Nigeria.




Why did I share all this story?



Well,  One question a lot of people have is : How can I discover myself?


How do I know what I am born to do?  After all,  it was Mark  Twain that said “The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”


You see, we understand certain things by and by. You have to know that Self Discovery is progressive.  You can be this today and doing something different tomorrow .



You don’t discover all about you at once. There are some things about yourself that is yet to be revealed at all to you.  One of the reason why you have to be open minded.




As you get busy and engaged in something else,  you tend to discover more about yourself.

A lot of people have the notion that self discovery is all about revelation from God.  It isn’t.  Of course,  God reveal some part of you to you but not all.


Some things are discovered about yourself while you’re focused on something else.


Martin  Luther King Jr.  never set out to become an activist.



He was busy with pastoral duties.



The point is that don’t be idle all in the name of trying to discover yourself.



Keep doing whatsoever your hand find and do it very well. You can never tell if it will lead you to the ultimate purpose of your life.



And I believe our life dots connect. Whatever we do (or still doing) in one way or the other might someday connects with the ultimate purpose of God for our life.


You have to have the mentality that “If it isn’t the thing,  it will lead you to the thing”.



Discovery don’t come when you’re idle but when you’re engaged doing something.

Life doesn’t favor the weak who chose to do nothing but the bold who get their hands dirty.

So,  get your hands dirty.  Get to work. Discovery is progressive. By getting to work,  you tend to understand a lot of things about yourself.




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