The Principles and Power of Vision

The Principles and Power of Vision

Book : The Principles and Power of Vision

Author : Myles Munroe

Reviewer : Mike Akintayo

You’ve probably heard the world “Vision” countless times. Or haven’t you ? Of course you have.

But here is the truth.

Most people are ignorant of the Principles and Power of Vision. Until you understand the principle of vision, you can’t make a difference. What will differentiate who you are today and who you’ll become in 5, 10, 15 years from now is the strength of your VISION.VISIONARY people make waves, maximize their potential and end up well in life.

And Myles Munroe gave a manual that will help become  a visionary and also make the vision a reality. I love his definition for Vision.

He defined Vision as “Ability to see not just what is but also what can be and to make it a reality”. Vision dictates the way we conduct our lives. Vision determines your values, discipline, how you spend your time and resources, and priorities.

He stated that the most frustrated person in the world is someone who has a dream but doesn’t know how to bring it to pass”. Therefore, its not enough to have vision but one must take necessary action to bring the vision into reality.

I love the fact that he explained that God is the source of vision and when God gives you a vision, he has already completed it in eternity.

He shared that there are obstacles that stop people from achieving their vision and they include not understanding the nature of vision, not recognizing the cost of vision and not knowing the principles of vision.

He pointed the importance of having plans or blueprint for your vision and you must be ready to start where you are.

He shared the importance of our thought and words in fulfilling your vision. Our thought design our future and our words create it.

He also stated in the book that God will tell you where you’re going and not necessarily how you’ll get there. However, irrespective of the route, we should be rest assured that the routes will develop our character and produce responsibility in us.

Also, the importance of priority in making a vision can’t be under emphasize. Our priority should be only those things that draws us closer to our goal.

He states the importance of Diligence too. Laziness will hinder achieving your vision. Therefore, it shouldn’t be condoned.

What about Patience? Patience role in achieving your vision can’t be underemphasized. The fact your vision isn’t yet a reality doesn’t mean it will never be a reality. So, wait for it.

Looking for a book that worth reading? Here you have it.


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