How To Live A Better Life

How To Live A Better Life

Recently, after thorough self-examination, I discovered that gradually I’ve been letting go of some of the values and discipline that make me grow to who I am.

I remembered…

how disciplined I used to be with my morning ritual.

How tough I used to be about handwriting Salesletter.

How heavy I feel guilt when I do certain things.

How bullish I used to be with investing in myself.

Then, I realize the danger of our comfort zone. The danger of experiencing a small win. I realized that Comfort Zone could be a disadvantage.

It’s the reason why a poor man will become rich and neglect other poor men rather than helping them.

It’s the reason why politicians get to power and neglect the people that struggled to help them win an election.

It’s the reason why a firebrand, tongue talking Christian rise to the top and neglect God that helped him to the top.

It’s the reason why a person saved by grace rises to become General Overseer and starts acting odd both to God and to men.

It’s the reason why a janitor rises to the top of the corporate ladder and starts neglecting the Welfare of his subordinate. He forgot where he’s coming from.

Most of us often forget where we’re coming from and give ourselves away to subtle pride that will later destroy us.

Sometimes, what stops us from getting to the top is because we allow small win get to our head. Sometimes, it’s our last win that stops us from winning again.

Most of us often forget that it is easy to get to the top and hard to remain there.

You’ve to come to the realization that your past Success can hinder you from today’s success. It’s not enough to win once, what matters is to win again and again.

Well, here are my suggestions, hopefully, it’ll help you live a better life:

1. Always practice self-examination:

Constantly examine yourself. It’s easy to get lost but by constant self-examination, you can always figure out what you need to do. If I had not examined myself, a lot would have gone wrong with my life.

Unfortunately, I will keep deceiving myself that I’m fine whereas I’m getting rotten within. Stop being a stranger to yourself. Constantly evaluate your strength, weakness, habit, etc.

By so doing, you’ll be able to correct what is wrong before it becomes worse.

You’ll be able to get more things done effectively when you constantly examine yourself.

2. Always Strike harder:

Irrespective of the level of success you’ve tasted, always remind yourself that “There’s more”. “Deep calls unto Deep,” says the Bible.

So, you can never become everything you want to become. There’s always room for improvement and evolution.

So, Never get comfortable with what you have, always strive to get more.

3. Don’t let your success get to your head:

Pride has stopped a lot of people from becoming all that God created them to be.

Don’t let your success get to your head that you neglect certain practices that make you successful.

4. Discipline should be a lifestyle:

Discipline isn’t an option but a necessity.

If you’ll become great, then you should embrace discipline dearly. It should be a way of life. It should be a “MUST” for you.

No one gets to the top without DISCIPLINE and also no one remains at the top without it. Therefore, embrace discipline.

5. Don’t forget How you started:

Never forget your root. The place it all began.

Let your root always remind you how God has helped you. Most times, we’re not grateful because we forget who we used to be.

If you can count your blessings, if you can connect the dots backward, you’ll be amazed that God has really been faithful to you.

You might not be where you want to be but most importantly, you’re not where you used to be.

My parting word is that “the enemy of today’s success is yesterday’s success. So BE WATCHFUL”

Over to you…

Do you find this piece valuable? Let me know in the comment session.

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Michael Akintayo

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