What is the first thing that attract people to your content?

What is the first thing that attract people to your content?

What is that thing that could make people leave all what they are doing just to read your contents?

If you don’t get that thing right, people won’t even read your contents talk less of taking action on it.

So what is that thing?


It’s  Your HEADLINE.

Research has shown that 5X as many people read Contents with headline than those that don’t have headline.

Your headline is a HOOK that draws people to your contents.

The attention span is low(and still reducing daily)  therefore,  people must see your contents as WORTH READING for them to pay attention.

And how will they know your post is worth Reading if You don’t give them a reason to do so.

As You know,  people are busy.  They’re engaged with quite a lot. You have no choice than to have a good headline that will make them pause all they’re  doing just to read your contents.



An attention Grabbing Headline will make people take their time to read your post.

So How can you create attention Grabbing Headline?


1.Have your Target Audience in Mind: One question you should ask yourself if you’re really serious about attracting people to your contents is “Who am I creating this contents for?  ”

Your contents is not for everybody but for some set of people.  A contents that appeal to A goldsmith can’t appeal to a Photographer. Therefore have your audience in mind.

Your audience is the kingmaker.  They decide the type of headline that appeals to them.

Whatever headline you’ll  use should appeal to your target audience.  Who are my target audience?  Should be a burning question while creating your contents.

2.Don’t Appear Salesy : One of the greatest disadvantage is appearing salesy in your headline. If you’re trying to sell with your contents, never appear to be selling. That’s paradox right?  Yes, it is.

Here is the fact

Nobody(including you)  want to be sold to even if the product will solve their problem.People hate salesmen.

Rather, let your headline appear like breaking news. Let it be CLEAR  in your headline that your contents is helpful. Just like David Ogilvy put it “There is no law in advertising that your headline shouldn’t appear like news”

3.Talk About Their Pain Point: I believe your contents is meant to solve problems. If your headline can easily address the pain points of your audience, they will be eager to read your contents.

Imagine a weight-loss  headline read : Will You like to know Why you’re not Loosing weight despite doing all what you’ve been told? Read this article below.

Won’t you love to read it?  Of course,  you’ll.  That is the power of an headline that appeal to the pain points.

4.Be Specific : Headlines that are specific are likely to get attention than headline that are broad.  Specificity shows that you’ve tested what you’re about to tell them and it works.

Imagine an headline that read:  How To Get 10X Profits in your business in 30 days or less.

Won’t you love to read it?  Of course you’ll.  That Is the power of specificity.

5.Lead With Benefits: Most people get carried away with how good their product is, they often neglect the fact that People don’t care how good your product is.

So what do people care for?

Well. what people care for is What will your products do for them?




They care less about the Features of your products but the BENEFITS.




Imagine a headline that read: How To woo a lady you love to accept your proposal even if you’re shy and afraid of speaking.

This will work because it is based on what the reader stand to benefit from the content.

there you have it.  How you can structure an attention grabbing headline.


Any Questions , ask in the comment section.


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